One month update

A month in a blink of an eye

How is it possible that I am writing a post about my little boy being one month old already? Where did the newborn days go to? How do I get them back?

So we have settled in well with being a family of four and having two under two. It has not, so far, been anywhere near as hard as I thought it might be. Of course there have been times when I have sat in tears as my baby boy cried and cried and cried and cried and nothing I did would sooth him. Nothing I did in the space of 10 hours helped sooth him for longer than 10 minutes but those days are just blips and we have had more times when he has been a great baby (sleeping or eating).

At one point I thought I would never see him awake and happy but these last few days have been great and most of the other times he was only awake for a feed and then back asleep again.

We tried to breastfeed but he kept losing weight so we combined fed for a week. He lost weight again so I gave up and just fed formula. After a week I regretted that and so now we are combine feeding again. More formula than expressed or breastfed milk but he is still getting some of my milk so I am happy with that. He is now officially a chunk (has put on almost a pound since birth, 10lb 6oz, despite only reaching birth weight last week) so we are doing what is right for him.

So how is he getting on?


He can hold his head well and doesn't need us to support it much when held He has been able to do this since the minute he was born. He is also good at holding his head when lying on the floor and can move his head from side to side.

We were amazed when we pictured him lifting his head (see picture above) whilst I lay on the sofa when in hospital, aged 3 days, I don't think the midwives believed us until we showed the picture to them.

Also we have found F trying to put all his weight on his legs. Already! Boy slow down.

First Smiles:

We are getting smiles, especially M who he seems to absolutely adore. He smiled for the first time at 3 weeks and has been increasing the number of smiles we get every day. Just need to start catching them on camera now!


Despite being a big baby we are still in a mixture of first size and 0-3 month sizes. Such a stark contrast to M who didn't fit 0-3 until she was 3 months!


Thankfully we have had no complaints about sleeping during the night. For the first few days I had to wake him up and on our first day home from hospital he slept from 12:30am to 7am. Now we are getting 10/11pm to 2/3am then up at 6/7am. We can stay in bed until 9 or 10am most days still (yup we did get woken up by the midwife like we did with M).

During the day you have been a sleeping machine but you are starting to become a bit more alert now which is great. There have been days that you have fought sleep so much that you get worked up, sweaty, grumpy, and it is a nightmare. We don't know if you have reflux, colic, or what but you often seems to be in so much pain when you have your crying fits.

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  1. One month! ONE MONTH!!! He's getting on so well!

  2. Awwww wow a month already! I am glad for you that you managed to restart breastfeeding. He is lovely x