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How to build a robot!

It is still quite rare for us to have F in anything other than sleepsuits at the moment. Partially because they are so easy to wear but mainly because we are struggling to find clothing for boys that are not jeans and a blue/navy/boring jumper!

This outfit is great though as it doesn't have anything blue in it. Don't get me wrong I like blue and I am happy for F to wear blue but why does boys clothing have to be so "samey" and dull? Give me colour. Give me interesting. Give me jeans but give me more options too!


Both items in this outfit were gifted to us and both come from Sainburys.
The top is cute and I love the yellow. Additionally the robot design is a change from buses and cars that is on everything else that we have for F (who has a much smaller wardrobe than M when she was the same age unfortunately).

I think we could get a bit obsessed with robot designed clothing over the coming years if this top is anything to go on.

The top is thin but perfect for days inside with the heating on. If we were to go out we would need to put on a jumper as it is far too thin even for quick car journeys.


Much like last week's trousers, which were also from Tu at Sainsburys, these trousers are a lovely soft cord material and are appear very comfortable for F to wear. They are 0-3 months and a far too big for him at the moment - in length and round the waist - but it would be a waste to have been given up to one month size. 

It is great to have trousers other than jeans that seem to be some of the only things you can find to put boys in in many shops.

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  1. How cute is this little outfit! I love that shade of Yellow, it's such a lovely colour and the robot is awesome. I can imagine about all the Blue. I'm the same with Pink. Those little Green trousers go so well with the top. Fab outfit. Thank you so much for linking up with us and hope you had a great weekend :) #weekendministyle