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You are never too young to wear a cape

He may only be four week's old but I already know that F is my little superbaby and so did a relative of ours when they gifted this babygrow to him.


Tu at Sainsburys.

Although F is a big boy (born weighing 9lb 8oz) this suit is for up to one month (9lb) which I was worried might mean he would not be able to fit into it. When I put him in this he was weighed by the HV as being 10lb 8oz so should have been far too big for it but thankfully there is a wee bit of growing space in it yet.

The cutest feature of this suit is that it has a super hero cape which, for safety reasons and comfort, can be removed and attached with velcro.

The suit itself is really soft to touch which is great for newborn skin and length wise it must be quite long as F's weight comes from his longer than usual length (96th percentile).

To save marking their face and to keep their hands warm there is integrated scratch mittens built into the sleeves of the suit.

The design on the front of the suit is mainly embroidered on which is great as it adds to the quality of the outfit (The S of the design is printed on although the outline of the badge is also embroidered).

Such a fun wee suit and cute on any little super hero.

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  1. And what a Superbaby he is, absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday