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Little F is now five weeks old and we still have very limited clothing options for him. Partially because at this age a sleepsuit is perfectly acceptable to wear all day and all night but also because I am struggling to find (and really haven't been out shopping to get) clothes for him. Our closes Tesco only stock clothes from three months and up, unless you want sleepsuits, and I found ASDA to be the same which is a great shame. As we live 40 miles from the nearest city we haven't been down to have a look round the shops yet.

This week I am featuring another favourite sleepsuit (you can't get much cuter than a little baby in a sleepsuit) as well as a romper that we were gifted when F was born.


As I said this was gifted to us when F was born and despite being newborn sizes it still fits my little chunk so well.

The fabric is nice and soft and I love that i get to see his arms and legs (when we are indoors and the heating is on). I was worried we would not get a huge amount of wear out of these but I can see F being able to wear them for a good few weeks yet as his weight comes from his length and there is still room to grown lengthwise and widthwise.

The colours are lovely and bright which is something that we love and the lion design is just so cute!

He always looks so comfortable when wearing these!


Mothercare - £15

This was the first thing that we bought F when we were pregnant with him and not sure of his sex. Finding unisex clothing that had colour in it was, once again, a struggle, but who could resit anything with the Hungry Caterpillar on it?

The suit was part of a three piece set which also consisted of a vest and bib.

We bought up to one month (10lb) thinking F would be around the same weight of M but being 9lb 8oz at birth we did not actually think it would fit him. Thankfully it did and was quite baggy when I put it on him in the hospital. Now it is a bit short in the leg although there is plenty of room in the width and arms. It also has integrated scratch mitts which we are loving at the moment as F's hands get so cold at night.

I am so glad we bought this as we will be able to reuse it for the next baby (fingers crossed) regardless of what sex that baby will be. 

I think I will be looking for more Hungry Caterpillar items over the coming months as I have fallen in love with the design. The only thing I dislike about the suit is that it is one you have to put on like a jumper and these are never easy when dressing any baby but once on they are cute. 


Boots Mini Club - £6 or 2 for £8
I have previously posted a sleepsuit from Boots which was part of the same offer and I think I am starting to love this one just a wee bit more (despite being a suit that you have to pull over the head rather than just popper up).

The red of the fire engines against the green of the suit is great and the little touches of yellow really pop out!

The suit is lovely and soft and fits F really well (0-3 months) but has plenty of wear left in it. Again F is quite long and so the length of these are great in the leg but the arms and body are a smidge too big. Think we are going to struggle with this for a long time yet.

I am finding that Boots is one of the best high street retailers that stock clothing that are a little bit different than the normal - bright, different colours and design.

I have a few suits from Boots and they tend to be the ones that I go to first as they are so vibrant and interesting. Oh and F looks utterly adorable in them so f course I have to put him in them.

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  1. Babies in sleepsuits are just the BEST! Don't wish this time away. Absolutely lovely #TT_Thursday

  2. Ahh he's soooo adorable! All the outfits are gorgeous, but my fave is the firetruck one - and from Boots! I would never have guessed, how cool! x

  3. Boots is great for baby clothes, isn't it!? I love that fire engine sleepsuit and I do love a baby in a sleepsuit - he's so cute! xx

  4. Oh they are all gorgeous, the hungry caterpillar one is fab!! I love sleepsuits for babies, they are just so snuggly and cute :) Popping over #weekendministyle #funkyfridayfriday and #TT_Thursday

  5. Oh he's just adorable isn't he!! Too too cute :) I definitely found Little I spent most her time in sleep suits at that age. You should try online for more clothes if you are struggling locally. H&M kids is good. I particularly love that Boots mini club sleep suit with the fire engines on it this week! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a good weekend! #weekendministyle

  6. Oh my goodness... My ovaries! H is now 22 weeks and I'm already so broody! I LOVE the sleepsuit from Boots! Such a fun print :)

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx

  7. Cute outfits! I really like that romper!