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Looking cute in orange

Getting M to stand still for a picture can be a problem some weeks and this week is one of those frustrating ones so I apologise in advance for the lack of quality of these pictures!


F&F at Tesco

We got this dress almost a year ago for M's birthday and we have finally got the the stage that she fits it now! It actually fits her really well now (18-24 months).

I love that this outfit is girly but without a single bit of pink in it. 

We don't have much orange in M's wardrobe but it is a colour that I love seeing her wear. I think it really suits her. The touches of yellow and green really pop out and just add a little extra to the outfit. 

There is a little pocket on the front of the dress (why? what child needs a pocket there?).

The dress is great as it looks like a jumper and skirt combination but is all in one meaning that as M runs about the top does not ride up and make her tummy cold!

Overall the dress is really comfortable and allows M to run about with ease (and attend her dancing class in it).



Again these were a gift but this time they were for her Christmas last year. They are 12-18 months but are still a bit big for her but they are wearable and again it is nice to have tights on her that are not pink. Tights always seem to come up big so it is no surprise that these are still a bit "Nora Batty" on her at the moment but at least we have plenty more wear from them.

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  1. Oh isn't it pretty , orange is definitely an underused colour in little girls clothes

  2. That is a lovely outfit... all children need pockets, perfect for hiding stones! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. That's a fab colour! It really suits her! The clashing of the stripes and print are fun and the tights are a good matching. I haven't been to F&F in ages, will have to have a look :) Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a good weekend! #weekendministyle

  4. Love the colour of that dress - it's beautiful! I'm a bit obsessed with F&F at the moment :) Have you seen their Christmas shop??

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx