Christmas painting

Sometimes you just have to get dirty in the name of art

One thing that M has never been fond of is getting dirty. If she gets any dirt on her hands she wants to have her hand cleaned almost right away so things like painting have been activities that usually only last five or ten minutes maximum.

Recently I have noticed she has been happier with getting dirty, whether that has been at dinner time, or just exploring the world so I decided we would do some painting to get ready for Christmas and to get a start on thank you cards.

The first activity I thought I would do was to do some potato prints which I made a Christmas tree design. To say M took to this instantly was an understatement. She got stuck in right away, stamp, stamp, stamp. Of course it was not exactly how I had hoped when I thought of the idea but to see her have fun was enough.

Whilst she was stamping her tree prints I cut out some triangles from glittery card and prepared some coloured paints for her.

The idea here was to put fingerprints of different colours onto the card to make lights on a Christmas tree and this time she loved it and managed so well with it.

Perfect - we have some things we can use for Christmas cards!
I then gave her a paint brush (after she covered her hands, face, hair in paint) and she set about covering card in green paint so that I can then cut these out and use for Christmas cards.

She has always been great with a pen and pencil and has enjoyed painting with a brush before so I knew she would have fun and she did.

I love seeing her enjoy these activities, especially as before now she has done them but never really showed great delight in them. It also meant I got so one on one time with her whilst her daddy looked after F.

Now that she has started to enjoy this activity I have so many other things planned that we will do over the coming months. However I will beed to buy some children's paint that does not stain everything. The paints I am using are from Tesco and the red permanently stains everything. Any suggestions?

What Christmas crafts are you taking part in with your children? If you have any crafts please do share them on the Christmas craft linky that I have running over the course of December.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Aww super cute! Looks like she's having so much fun creating a masterpiece!

  2. Awe bless her, it is nice when they get really into it. We started our Christmas bits today, first up was decorating some plain wooden ornaments x

  3. She is so cute! & Well done for helping Mummy out with all the Thank you & Christmas cards making! :) x