Want to help reduce your chance of getting stretch marks? Try this!

It may seem expensive but it is well worth the money!

Let me start this review by stating how much a hate bump bands, or over the bump trousers - it's not just hate it is utter loathing - so I was a bit wary about agreeing to review the Secret Saviours anti stretch mark pack which contains an anti stretch mark band as one of the main components of it.

So imagine my surprise when I tell you that one of the most comfortable items I have ever worn during any of my pregnancies was, yup you guessed it, the Secret Saviours anti stretch mark band! I honestly went into this review thinking I would hate it and would never really want to wear it but instead I am writing this knowing that one of the things I know I will use the most during my next (hopefully) pregnancy will be the Secret Saviours bump band.

What is Secret Saviours?

Secret Saviours is a system where you wear an anti stretch mark band and day gel during the day and then a night cream at night in an attempt to prevent stretch marks. Clinical research has proven that it reduces your chance of stretch marks appearing by up to 70% - the only prevention system that has this claim.

The day gel is made from ethically sourced and scientifically proven ingredients and smells delicious. It is a sticky gel that helps ensure that the anti stretch mark band is held in place. I must admit that the thought of putting material on the gel was a bit alien to me but you soon never noticed it.

The anti stretch mark band is unlike any bump band you can buy from clothing shops. It has lots of pads which have been arranged in a unique way to help hold your skin in place which helps prevent stretch marks. When you take it off you may be a bit worried about the pattern left on your tummy but this is a sign that it is working!

At night you take the band off and apply the night gel. This gel is again so delicious smelling and dries in seconds. I am not pregnant but still use it.

The band has pads that you place against your tummy to help prevent stretch marks

What did I think?

Well I hand honestly say I was surprised about this product. Firstly I loved the smell of the creams and have used them when not pregnant because they smell so good.

I started wearing the band at the end of the second trimester/beginning of third trimester and it fit me throughout the remainder of the pregnancy. At the time of wearing this band I already had old stretch marks from my previous pregnancy. Since I had some already but they were never bad I was not expecting to have a huge number of marks this time but I do not believe I gained more than a couple by the time I had F. Was this down to the bump band? Who knows, but as I got far more with M than I did with F so I have to think the band did help.

For me the biggest thing was just how comfortable the band was. I loved wearing it as it was just like getting a hug all day long.

I wondered if I just had different preferences than when I was pregnant with M but I tried to wear over the bump jeans and clothing bands but I hated them so much even when I was wearing this band. It really was that great and meant that I could hide my growing tummy in the last few weeks when clothing was getting a little too short! Thank you Secret Saviours.

Since I started wearing the band at the latter stages of my pregnancy I only needed the one size but there is a chance that you may need two different sizes to get you through the pregnancy. It is recommended that you wear the band from 12-14 weeks or when the bump begins to show. A band on its own costs £29.99 which may sound expensive but when you get something that feels just as comfortable as this it is worth it. It would also mean you wouldn't need to buy so many maternity tops as you could wear this under normal clothing for a while. 

To begin with a pack, which contains the day and night gels as well as a anti stretch mark band costs £69.95 which may seem like a lot but I really do think it is a brilliant product. I do think had I not tried it this pregnancy that I would probably have been put off by the price and would not have ever considered it but now that I have worn it I would not hesitate to buy it if I could. I wore the black band but it comes in pink too.

Is it just for pregnancy?

When you read that a product is an anti stretch mark system you would be forgiven to think that you can only wear it during pregnancy  but you can wear the band after birth to help support your tummy, even after a c-section.

The gels contain ingredients that help heal wounds so perfect for c-section recovery so you certainly get lots of opportunities to wear and use the Secret Saviours band and gels.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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  1. I hate the under bump trousers! All the trousers I have are over the bump ones - I find them so much more comfortable.
    I'm lucky I've avoided stretch marks with D&E... hoping number 3 is the same x