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Last week I featured a homemade dress that I sewed M which I adore so I thought it was only right that I should share a picture of F wearing a homemade item, in this case a hand knitted jumper.


Home made. I have knitted a few jumpers for M over the past year or so and when I was pregnant with F and did not know the sex of my baby I knitted a nice bright jumper that a boy or girl could wear. I was a bit unsure about the pink of the jumper but I think F looks cute in it.


Tu at Sainsburys

I have featured this before on Tiny's Togs and I still love them as they are so soft and comfortable looking. I think the green with the bright jumper works well.



I love the orange of these socks with the stripy navy and grey.

As you will know from previous blog posts, or if you follow me on social media, we have a love of cloth nappies and M has worn them for most of her life. Now I have two under two, and two in cloth and I love it. Yes we have more washing to do but we are also saving so much money.


Much like last week's Tiny's Togs this week I had to include another festive vest that we got from Tesco for a brilliant price of £2. This time I have F in a Reindeer print vest which is so cute once again. As with last week's vest it is on the larger side but rolling the sleeves up solves that problem and it means I can easily fit it over F's cloth nappies.


Bambino Mio Miosolo - London's Calling

This nappy is a pre-loved nappy as you ca not buy it new anymore as it has been discontinued. I was lucky to get a bargain on this one and I love it. With F's daddy being a bus driver I have a love all all things buses with F and this is just another of many clothing items that feature a bus on it.


As above.


Tots Bots v3 - Three Little Pigs

This was the first cloth nappy we ever used. I bought three cloth nappies after M's eight week injections and the Three Little Pigs was the first one I put on M's bum. 

This is an older style of Tots Bots nappy and has been discontinued but I feel that the V3 prints were the best (for me) as they are so lovely and bright. They really pop out and as a huge fan of colours this is obviously perfect for me.

I am so glad that we have mastered cloth nappies on F as we struggled at first to get a good fit on him. He was too big for newborn nappies as he out wee'd them in half an hour but was too small for birth to potty nappies.

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  1. I love the jumper you knitted, I would wear that! The cloth nappies look great too the patterns are fab nice and fun ones #TT_Thursday

    1. Thanks. I love it and would totally want one myself if it wouldn't take me 6 years to knit lol

  2. That jumper is gorgeous, very talented mummy. I love the festive vest as well. I hope he has a great first Christmas x #TT_Thursday #FKF

  3. I love that bright neon inspired knitted jumper! It looks really cool! #TT_Thursday x

  4. You are a very talented Mum, I don't even know how to hold knitting needles! Wish I'd gone down the cloth bum route when my kids were still in nappies, just bright bums! ;-) Thank you for sharing Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year, see you on the 7th for more #TT_Thursday