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Bright and vibrant

One thing you have probably guessed when you have seen my previous posts is that I love colour and love dressing my kids in colourful clothing so when I went through a bag of hand me downs and saw this dress I just had to put it on M.


Gap Kids

I think this is possibly my favourite fabric print I have seen in a long long time. The cream backdrop really allows the colours to pop out. It is wonderfully soft cord material and just seems to comfortable.


These were also hand me downs and I thought I would put a bright tight with the dress. The patterns don't match but nevermind.


Dr Martens - £45

I know the boots don't go but they are M's favourites wince we got them at the weekend so who was I to refuse her the chance to wear them? We got these on a secondhand selling page for £20. They had only been worn a couple of times so look brand new. I had been wanting to get M some Dr Martens since she was born and now she is a strong walker I thought I would get her a pair. I got these in the size up so there is plenty of room to grow into them. I am in love with them and can see me buying loads more pairs in the future as her feet grow.

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  1. Now that is amazing!! How awesome. You could pretty much loose her in your wall! X

  2. That look is so cool! We love pattern clashing and the colours are so pretty! Great choice! #TT_Thursday

  3. I adore that dress, you are right with the cream bringing out the other colours. Be careful you don't loose her against that wall though! haha Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  4. Awww she looks funky! Love the flowered tunic such happy colours! Popping over from #weekendministyle #funkykidfriday #TT_Thursday

  5. Oh my goodness look at those Dr Martins! How cute are they. The colour is so fab! I've been meaning to get Little I a pair for ages now. You've inspired me again! That print on the dress is awesome. So bright and vibrant and it really suits her. Thank you so much for sharing! And thanks for linking up! Hope you had a great weekend :) #weekendministyle

  6. shes such a poser! haha! loving the dress!

  7. Wow! So bright and gorgeous! I love how she matches your wallpaper too :)

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx