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A little foxy!


This is an old vest which I think comes from Tesco.


Slugs & Snails - £13 (approx)

Who would not want to wear yellow tights with red mushrooms on them? I know if I could pull it off and they did my size that I would wear them. What saddens me about these tights is that at age 6-12 months they are starting to get a bit small for my 22 month old. Gutted.


Sketchers, Amazon - £28.99

These have been featured many times on Toddler's Togs and we still love them although the lights do not always shine on each step now.


Homemade - free!

This dress is made from a pair of old curtains. Yep I amazed myself on how well they turned out. The dress is a test run to see how well I could follow the pattern so is made of scraps and was done quickly one evening. The pattern was from Wild Things: Funky Little Clothes to Sew. The book has so many amazing patterns to sew and modern too. So many books are hard to follow or have horribly old fashioned clothing.

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  1. That dress is awesome! I am very impressed that you made it yourself out of curtains x #TT_Thursday #FKF

  2. That dress is absolutely lovely, well done!! I couldn't thread a needle let alone make an outfit. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. Wow! I can't believe you made that yourself! It's amazing! xx #FunkyKidFriday

  4. That dress is amazing! So gorgeous! I've gotten into all these clothes with foxes now, dunno why, but they really appeal to me. The dress looks great and can't believe you've made it yourself, very well done! I'll check out the book, I'm meant to start sewing again :) #tt_thursday

  5. Check you out with your home made dress! It looks great! Well done you :) Who doesn't love a fox?! And why not team it with the mushroom leggings...she's rocking it! I absolutely love seeing her expressions in photos every week. She's such a character! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up with us. Hope you're having a fab weekend :) #weekendministyle

  6. I love that you made her dress, thrifty and tonnes of personality! Yvadney x #WeekendMiniStyle

  7. What s great dress! You are very talented:) love it paired with the yellow tights x #WeekendMiniStyle

  8. That's an awesome dress! It looks great, especially with the yellow tights.x #weekendministyle