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Wrapping up warm and enjoying the weather

I love frosty days. When you walk across grass and it crunches as you go. I love being able to get wrapped up warm, hats, scarf and gloves, and head out for a brisk walk with the kids and/or dogs. 
It seems M has also found a love for the outdoors and is constantly asking to go out even on the coldest and wettest of days.Last week we had lots of opportunities to crack out the snowsuit and enjoy some fun in the cold, but nice, weather.


M&S - £22

This snowsuit comes from a shop that I never think of looking for clothing normally - M&S - but when I saw it come up on a Google search I just had to go and get one as it is so cute! I bought age 2-3 and it is huge and needs the arms and legs to be rolled up when walking but at least I know it will last. I was shocked that it was so affordable too, £22 for a lovely warm snowsuit is great!

The zip goes all the way down so you can easily take it on and off without having to remove footwear. It has two buttons on either side of the double zip, at the top, but that doesn't prevent little hands from unzipping it! That said it does stop the front panel from flopping and after a few minutes the novelty of unzipping the suit wears off.


Nutmeg at Morrisons

We got this hat last winter and luckily it still fits as I think it is cute and the ear flaps really help to keep M warm in the cold winds. The inner of the hat is fleecy and to be honest I would love one to match!

Don't let the cold stop you!

When we woke up to frost I just knew that we had to go out for a walk. Since my hubby was of we took M's trike as well as the pram for F which was great as it has been a while since M got to use the trike.

I forgot how much she loved it until I listened to her giggle with glee when she was pushed as fast as we could, asking to go faster and faster.

We decided to walk to the local garden centre for some lunch since it was dry not realising that it was quite so far a walk. That said it was great and M had a great time telling us there was a car, an another car, and another car... oh and there is a tree!!!

I may joke about getting told these things but it is so good that she is taking an interest in her surroundings and seeing traffic is exciting for her as she doesn't see that much traffic normally as we live in a quiet area.

When we were eating lunch M kept asking to go and play in the garden centre's play park and since it was still light we went out.

I love how independent she is becoming when at parks. She just runs off without looking back to find the play items that interest her the most - a far cry from only 5 months ago when she could not walk.

The great thing about this was that the park was deserted and she ended up playing with things she had never even looked before including the rather frozen sand pit area.

There is also an area with tractors to play on and despite only being in this area once she remembered and I ended up ice skating my way around the track to help push her - she can do it herself but it is more fun and much faster when mummy pushes her!

What do you like to do on winter days? We have also have enjoyed feeding ducks in the rain (which we thought might have turned to snow it was that cold) and of course dolly needs to go for a walk too!

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  1. That hat is fantastic! Heading down to Morrisons to have a look after reading this! #TT_Thursday

  2. She looks like she is having lots of fun, I love the snowsuit x #TT_Thursday #FKF

    1. She had a ball, don't think she realised it was cold

  3. Ahhh I love that snowsuit. M&S snowsuits are brilliant. They're so cosy. I can't believe you have such cold weather. It's crazy to think we're all in the same country. Cornwall has been getting temperatures of 14 degrees at the moment which is madness. We barely even need our coats and we haven't had one layer of frost yet which is so unusual. We normally have lots by now. It looks like you're having a good time despite the chills though. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather this year and supporting our linky! We really love reading about your family adventures. I hope we see you again next year. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas! xx

    1. We have mild weather now which is a shame as I would love her to wear this all day everyday! See you in 2016 :)

    2. We have mild weather now which is a shame as I would love her to wear this all day everyday! See you in 2016 :)

  4. She looks so cosy all wrapped up, very sweet x

    1. Thanks, she didn't seem to realise it was cold (other than her adorable rosy cheeks)

    2. Thanks, she didn't seem to realise it was cold (other than her adorable rosy cheeks)

  5. This park is so awesome that they have trucks there! I think if that was near to our home, my kids would be asking me to go out all the time too. Now, they are such delicate little flowers and always catches a cold when the weather does get a little bit nipper. I need to bribe them always! haha Love the snowsuit - such lovely pattern and you can tell she is very comfortable in it too. Great review on highlighting about the zip - we always have this problem; it takes forever to put there shoes back on. Thanks you for sharing. #WhateverTheWeather

  6. It looks like you had a fantastic time in the cooler weather, we've had mostly rain over here, would be nice to have the frosty morning again though. I love the snowsuit and hat, M and S have some pretty nice kids clothes, the girls are particularly nice wit pretty clothes that aren't all pink!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! :) xx

  7. Such a lovely snowsuit, nearly matches the pushchair! Thank you for sharing. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year, see you on the 7th for more #TT_Thursday

  8. My little one has the same snowsuit, it's so cute! We've shared our outdoor pics on instagram for #curiouslittleexplorers if you want to see! x