Braving a toddler group

What a difference an (almost) year makes

Back at the end of January I wrote about how I braved going to a toddler group with M and that we absolutely hated it. It has taken 10 months for us to make the trip back and this time I can honestly say she loved it!

I have been meaning to go back for a few months if I am honest but the group starts at 9.45am and we often don't get up until 10-10.30am. I thought with F's arrival it might get easier but he also enjoys a long lie until 10am so we haven't quite mastered getting there on time. Today, however, the alarm was set and we made it.

From the minute we entered the room M was off exploring and playing with all the other children. This is why I never worried about going to the group because I knew M was not shy but also a reason I wanted to go - so she didn't become shy.

It is wonderful to see M interact with others, from the small babies to the older children who had today off from school. 

Seeing her curiosity of other people and of new toys was great. I love seeing how confident she is of being in other people's company. She is such a sociable person and I can now see how beneficial the group will be to her.

With only a year-and-a-half until she starts pre-school nursery I thought it would be best that I get her involved in a lot of group activities and she has excelled so far.

As well as toddlers she has been taking part in swimming lessons which she doesn't really get much interaction with the other children there.

Her best group is her dancing group which she loves and tries to dance with everyone there (children and adults). She is a little socialite and never seems to be shy or worried about walking off and taking part in a group. Long may this continue as I have to admit that I get nervous in group settings like this.

I am glad that I decided to give the group a try again and although it means I will have to set my alar so that we can get out of the the house and there on time it is worth it when I get to see M grow and develop so well.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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