Keep trying until you find a toddler group you enjoy

Finding a suitable toddler group makes all the difference

I have never been one to hide the fact that I hated parent and toddler groups and in 23 months I had only been twice but it does turn out that you just have to find the right group for you.

I first went a year ago, in January 2015, when I came away hating the group. I did nothing but moan about it to my hubby and I thought I would never go back. I returned again in December when me and hubby both went with both children and I realised then that M really did enjoy going and she came away having so much fun but it was just before Christmas and the group stopped for a month. I thought I would go back but I realised that the group itself was awful. Very cliquey and I felt awkward going. If I hadn't been with hubby no-one would have spoken to me and I actually realised how unwelcome we had been made to feel.

So fast forward a month and we have actually found another group that was recommended by a neighbour and someone I spoke to at soft play. I can honestly say I think I have found a group I will be going to for a few years to come. The parents are friendly, there is no airs and graces and the best bit... no-one seems to get dressed up to the nines with a face full of make-up to go (one of the things I felt so out of place with in the previous group). I felt in the previous group that designer clothing was a necessity and perfect hair too. I just don't do perfect!

What I love about this group is watching M run off and play with no prompting. I used to worry that with her not going to groups that she might be too shy or clingy to go and play but she just runs in the door and goes off to play. In fact the problem we have is that when it comes to the time to go home she gets upset and doesn't want to leave. Little things like seeing her go and sit at the table for snack or just playing at the shop with other children is amazing.

I am not sure if it helps that she has been going to a dancing group for a few months and of course there is Bookbug that she has been going to since she was born so in a way she is used to being around others but a playgroup really lets her explore her surroundings and the life of others which is great.

Now she is making friends it is time for me to start making some mummy friends of my own!
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Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I have a lovely group that I have been going to since D was around 10 months old. It will be a sad day when we go to our final one. We do other groups too although I've dropped our Wednesday group as D wasn't getting much from it anymore x

    1. I can see this one being great for M. She is a very sociable person so it is ideal that she plays with others in a fun environment that isn't as structures as her swimming lessons and dancing classes.

  2. It is hard to find friendly toddler groups, either that or I'm not very good at talking to people! I always find them a bit stressful anyway because Toby is still at the age where I have to really watch what he's doing all the time. I'm glad you've found a group you like though.

    1. Yes I am glad I found one, mainly just because M enjoys it so much. I have to keep an eye on her constantly as well whilst tending to baby so can get a bit stressful but worth it