The Witch with an Itch

The Littlest witch finds out that bad magic doesn't always work

The Witch with an Itch - Helen Baugh

I love this book. The illustrations are adorable!

The Littlest Witch has passed her witching exams and decides to do some magic on the way home from with school but every time she casts a spells she gets an itch just before she finishes her spells meaning her spells do not work, but why?

I think the reason I, and many parents, will love this book is that the wee witch has some awesome strops throughout when things don't go her way - I am sure you can all relate or even remember being like that when you were little (or now maybe?). I just giggled at the illustrations imaging M being the same as she grows up.

The story follows the witch as she finds out that she can not make bad spells, only good spells. A great book for teaching little ones that it does not pay to be bad! 

The cover of the book is covered with glitter which really makes the book stand out and the illustration throughout are wonderfully details and cute. As with many of M's favourite books this one has a rhyme which carries you through the book with ease.

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  1. Looks and sounds like a lovely little book. Not one I've read with my two x

    1. It is cute I like it. The wee tantruming witch is great for the moral message too.

  2. Ahh love the look of this cute little book! One I would love to read to my baby girl when she is older xx

  3. Aww how cute are the illustrations, looks like a gorgeous book #weekendbookclub xx

  4. This looks like a cute story! And the double page spread you have shared reminds me of the Worst Witch/Harry Potter for wee readers! #weekendbookclub

  5. ah this looks like such a cute book, i love the bright colours and the witch looks super cute! #weekendbookclub

  6. This story sounds funny. The illustration in the post reminds me of Madeline :)


  7. This looks like such a cute book I thin I will have to get it for my niece for her birthday she would love this! #readwithme

  8. aaa I love the look of this. I call my girls the witchhazels so this certainly looks like one for them. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe