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Swimming with a bumble bee Minion

As a youngster I used to a huge fan of swimming, so much so that I swam competitively, training 10 times a week in the pool, so it is only natural that I am keen for M and F to enjoy swimming so as a family we regularly go to our nearest pool and have a good splash together.

F has been swimming since he was 5 weeks old and thankfully doesn't mind going to a public, non heated pool, and we finally found something for him to wear now that shops are starting to stock their summer clothing. When I saw this suit I just had to have it as M, and so in turn we, love the Minions.


Minion surf suit, Next £7

Now who could possibly ever consider not buying this? It is utterly adorable.

This surf suit is, which is highly unnecessary when you don't plan to wear it anywhere but Scotland in the next 3 months, is 50+ UPF sun safe which would be awesome if we were to be going abroad anytime soon but we are not sadly.

I think this must have been last season's stock as we thought it was £14 but when we got to the checkout it went through at half price. There were loads on the shelf though which made us more surprised that it had been reduced. This made the purchase all that better.

I would have to say that this is a bit on the small side as F is approaching needing to move up to size 3-6 month clothing but still comfortably fits 0-3 but this is 3-6 months and I can't see it lasting that long. I would blame F for being chubby but in reality he is only around 50th percentile for weight now (as opposed to 96th when he was born).

Wetsuit Wrap:

TWF baby wetsuit wrap bumble bee, Amazon £9.99

We bought this wetsuit for M when she first started going swimming she was a skinny wee thing and felt the cold easily, she still does, so we though we better use this for F too to keep him warm. 

We went to the local public pool which has no baby pool and F wore this today and stayed in the water for 30 minutes without getting old. It has bumble bee wings to it which are cute and he really suits it.

It fit him well at 5 weeks as pictured and as well today at 13 weeks.

I notice that when you take it off you feel the heat of of the water that comes our of the suit is really warm and so it is obviously doing its job. 

I would say a suit like this is an essential part of our swimming bag packing when the children are six months and younger. I think today M was colder than F was when we left the swimming which I think proves how effective the suit is.

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  1. That Minion swimwear is too cute!!!

  2. So very cute!! #weekendministyle



  3. The bumblebee suit is really sweet, he looks super cute in it!

  4. I love that Minions surf suit, we are big Minions fans here, and your boy looks so sweet in it! xx

  5. They are both gorgeous suits, Leah just clocked the minions suit and is now adamant she needs one for her swimming lessons! Its always a good thing introducing children to swimming early on. Lewis wasn't so much of a water baby as we didn't swim often, Leah LOVES swimming as we have been swimming frequently since she learnt to walk. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  6. Aw look at him!! I am LOVING the minion suit. How cool is that?! I bet every kid out there would love one just like this. The bumble is equally as cute :) You've reminded me I need to get Little I a new wetsuit for her lessons. We love swimming too! Thank you so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a great weekend #weekendministyle

  7. Aww, that Minions suit is too cute! We had a wetsuit wrap for Toby when he first started swimming lessons but had to get him a full wetsuit eventually as he still felt the cold so much. I know what you mean about feeling the warm water come out though so they definitely do work. #funkykidfriday

  8. LOVING the swimwear! That Minion suit is amazing!!! We're about to start swimming lessons for H-Bear so will have to have a look :)

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx