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Sometimes it can be a nightmare trying to buy gifts for other children as you have no idea what they have already, or what might interest them, os simply what is suitable for their age. This is where Wicked Uncle comes to rescue, stocking  wide range of unique and unusual gift s for all ages.

Even if you are buying for your own children you are often presented with website after website stocking the same gifts over and over again, and unless you know what other people are buying your children from their birthday or Christmas, you can worry that something you buy might end up being duplicated by other person.

When you arrive at Wicked Uncle you can search for gifts for boys, girls, both from babies, one year olds, two year olds, up to age 12 and teens. You can also just select to view all toys at once if you are more of a "window shopper".

If you know what activities your child likes, are they outdoorsy? creative? adventurous? then why not select to view items from 11 different categories to help narrow down the possible gift choices.

If you are browsing you can see how many of an item are in stock, helping you decide if you need to buy instantly or if you can wait a few days.

I was offered a £40 voucher in exchange for an honest review of Wicked Uncle so here is what I bought:

Disco 360 Ice - LED Lightshow: £19.95

So this one I thought M (aged 22 months at Christmas) and F (aged 10 weeks at Christmas) would love and I was right. What I hadn't planned for was how much me and hubby would love it too.

The UFO shaped light has 48 LED lights that project six patterns of light in red, blue and green lights. What we loved was that it responds to music, creating a disco in your living room. It can be mounted to the wall or just placed anywhere in the room. The power cable is massively long so gives plenty of scope on where to place it.

We tested it on Christmas Eve, just to make sure it worked, and ended up playing with it for ages.

It was set up for the kids coming down on Christmas day and they loved it. Brilliant and simple.

Rain Forest Stamp-a-Scene by Melissa and Doug: £14.95 

We had never heard of Melissa and Doug before having children but now I have to admit that they are one of our favourite brands for good quality toys.  This stamping set is ideal for M as she loves colouring and recently started stamping her own books at the library which she loves. For £14.95 we have had this out loads and M has spent two or more hours playing constantly with it. It is great for having messy play without too much mess.

Ballon Dog Light, Won't deflate: £14.95

This light I was so excited to get as M loves dogs and I wanted a nightlight for her new bedroom. Sadly it didn't really live up to expectation as the battery part of the light is temperamental. The batteries don't fit well but when it works it is great and so cute.

Delivery is anything from £2.95 for standard 2-3 days delivery, to £9.95 Saturday with signature delivery. I chose the standard delivery and it was basically delivered next day as my order was late at night.

What I loved:

  • Being able to narrow down you search to age and sex. Many don't like having toys categories by sex but I do. It doesn't mean I wouldn't buy a boys toy for a girl or vice versa but I like having the option to do this.
  • Choosing a category to find a gift suited to the likes of a child. It really saves time if you just want to buy a creative gift as you don't have to look through irrelevant gifts.
  • Viewing popular toys, by age range, as sometimes I struggle to choose something when buying for other people's children. I find it hard enough with my own children, so getting to see what other's are buying helps to narrow down things for me.
  • The uncluttered nature of the site. It is clean and simple.  You never get lost looking for items and it makes it user friendly.
  • The speed of delivery. I ordered late in the evening and received my parcel two days later. This was close to Christmas too when deliveries can be expected to take longer.
  • There is the option to have your items gift wrapped (whether that is just one item or all of the items or all of them) and have a handwritten card of your choosing. Perfect if you have "forgotten" a birthday.

What I didn't like

  • The amount of packaging that was used. The box was large, which took me by surprise, and when I opened it up I could see why - it was stuffed full of massive (and massively fun) bubble wrap. I know some packing is needed to protect things but I felt this was maybe a bit excessive.
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