Colours Colours everywhere!

A rainbow book of learning

Colours Colours everywhere: Samantha Meredith (illustrator), Libby Walden (text).

As lovers of books of all kinds we are always excited to be offered the chance to review books so when we got an email asking if we wanted to review the book "Colours Colours everywhere - a rainbow book of learning" I could not refused, especially since M is going through a phase of pointing at colours of things.

The first thing I noticed about this book was just how much the colours pop out against the black background of the cover. I loved this.

Colours Colours everywhere is published by Caterpillar Books part of the Little Tiger Press group and as with all the other books we own or have borrow from Little Tiger Press, this book is well made and looks amazing.

M loved this from the minute I handed it to her (quite coincidentally it arrived on her birthday so she had plenty of new toys to play with but read this for ages so she really did like it).

The book has 3D pieces for each colour which M loved to point to and feel. Indeed she loves running her finger over the 3D images which excitement. The text for the colour featured on that double page then uses the shape within its little rhyme. For each colour there is also a selection of other words associated with the colour - green frog, green caterpillar etc. This is great for adding to a child's vocabulary too. 

The illustrations throughout the book are fantastic, bright, colourful and really engaged with M who pointed at each and every pictures asking "what's that".

We have had this book for just over a week now and it is M's go to book at the moment and one that she insists that we sit with her and read with her (she often likes to read books alone).

The book is aimed at 0-3 year olds and with M being 2 she fits right in the middle of this. I can see her picking this book up a lot over the coming year and with F (17 weeks) becoming interested in books too this book will be well used. He has also shown interest in the 3D pieces and has tried hard to feel them as me and M read the book. Some books hold F's attention more than others and this is certainly one of the books which interest him more than others.

The book retails at £8.99 which I think is a perfect price for the book as it really is gorgeous and can double up as a first words book as well as one for teaching colours.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are ours and ours alone.

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  1. We have this and my two loved it!
    Such a great book x

  2. Wow, this book looks a really good choice for anyone looking for a gift for a 0-3 year old. So colourful. and obviously engaging!

  3. Looks a good book. My boys enjoyed colour type books when they were that age #weekendbookclub

  4. Looks like a lovely colourful book! Interesting to set it against a black background too rather than always white. reinforces the colour references from other books too! #weekendbookclub