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When you are due a second child with a close age gap one of the first things you have to start thinking about is how you are going to transport them when you want to go for a walk. There are so many options available and I have used a combination of options (baby wearing, buggy board, Phil and Teds with second seat - which we got the seat or 60% off) and the one we probably use the most is the buggy board).

When F was born there was 20 months between them and M had only been walking for 2 months so it was obvious to us that we needed to have something that we could let her sit in as well. We didn't want to buy a second pram as I love my Cosatto Giggle too much not to use it and I never really got the chance to use the cot part of the pram with M as we got it when she was 5 months old. We have a Phil and Teds Navigator V2 which is great for off roading but we did not have a second seat for it and felt it was just to expensive for us to buy a seat until I spotted one on sale with 60% off.

So for months we have used the Giggle with a buggy board. Now i realised pretty when testing out boards in shops that M would just not be able to stand on one and would not enjoy it so I had to look again and that is when I spotted the Easy X Rider buggy board with a seat attachment. Brilliant I hoped!

When we got the board delivered, which was super quick delivery, I attached it to the pram and tested M in it. She was so excited and made me walk the streets with an empty cot and her in the board seat. 

The Easy X Rider is brilliant and gives me the option to have M waking, standing or sitting. It does take up a fair bit of space in the boot but that is because the cot part of the pram doesn't fold down. You can unscrew the seat and put board and seat in separately and this takes seconds to do but I am lazy and just put it in whole.

The wheels light up when in motion which M loves and often bends over so she can watch them. I love them too but then I have always been a fan of lights!

The seat has a three point harness to keep toddler in and it also has handles covered in soft foam for little ones to hold onto. I didn't think M would hold onto the handles much but she does, a lot.

The Easy X Rider is suitable for kids aged 15 months to 3 years (20kg) and we tested it out for the first time when M was 16 months and she loved it and still does at 24 months.

You can put the board on and off in seconds but when it is on I tend to kick the board as the handles on my pram are not long enough. We got my dad to do a bit of DIY with pipes which we can now strap onto the pram handles to extend them a bit and that makes a huge amount of difference. There has been talk of an extendable handle being available to buy which I will definitely be looking at getting. It also comes with a strap that you can attach to the pram handle to lift the board up so you don't kick it when walking and not in use.

When out and about it is easy to push the pram with the board attached. The only niggle I have is if you have to push the pram up a kerb and this requires a bit of lifting of the seat at same time as pushing the pram. The first few times were a bit of a faff but now it is second nature.

Every time we use it people comment on what a great idea it is! I can't remember a time when we have been out that someone hasn't said how great it looks. I love it!


  • The board can attach to so many different prams so should fit any you have.
  • You can pull the board up when not in use.
  • You toddler can rest his or her legs when out for long walks rather than having to stand the whole time.
  • Can strap your child in, although the hand of the seat also helps prevent them escaping with ease.
  • Flashing wheels make it exciting for your child, especially in the dark.
  • No need to buy a double pram, so you can reuse your previous pram. Great if you love that one too much to part with.


  • Hard to get up and down kerbs. Takes a bit of practise but easy enough when you get used to it.
  • The handle bar on the Cosatto Giggle is just a little too short so you end up kicking the board a lot. They are taking out a handle bar extender though which will help with this.

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