Four months old already!

Can we stop the clock please?

Where have the last four months gone? I feel like it was only yesterday that I started to think I was pregnant and here I am with a four month old little boy who I could not love any more! Who could not be any more perfect. Who I can not imagine living without.

The past four months have been, at times, the toughest times of my life but on the whole the best and most enjoyable times ever.

F suffered from reflux, much worse than his sister, and this has meant he has been in a lot of pain for the past four months. We got put on Gaviscon at eight weeks and that helped at first but now we are going through four or more clothe changes a day (and that's just the adults). Thankfully he isn't finding it as painful and now he tends to cry when hungry or fighting sleep. In general I have such a happy chappy. I am so proud of him.

Growing strong

At 17 weeks he has started to sit up by himself for a few seconds at a time so it won't be long until his world opens up a bit more and he can sit and play with his toys without help.

He loves his Jumperoo, although doesn't really jump that much rather just enjoys being on his feet. If ever he is unhappy and it isn't hunger or tiredness, it is because he wants to be stood. I don't like putting him in his door bouncer or Jumperoo for long but it is handy if we are upstairs and I need to put the washing away.

One of his biggest loves at the moment is blowing huge slobbery raspberries. Constantly. So cute.

Giggling and huge smiles are the order of the day especially if his sister is anywhere close. The bond between this two is incredible and I am so proud of them both. M is definitely his most favourite person around.

He hates

Getting F to nap can be a struggle, he will fight and fight it unless we go out in the car or for a walk. We have recently bought a ToddlePod and that seems to be making a huge difference but if we are int he house he is never very keen to nap. 

The car seat is something he has always hates but thankfully once the car starts and we move he will quickly drop off to sleep.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. He is so gorgeous ♡♡ What a strong boy, nearly sitting at months too x

    1. Thank you. He isn't quite there with sitting but would love to be