Potty training hints and tips

Ditching the nappies in favour of pants

I had no real intention of trying to potty train M until the summer when she would be 2.5 years old but over the past couple of weeks it has became apparent that she was actually quite keen to use the potty so I thought "why not" and embraced the potty. I  am a firm believer of leaving a child to choose to do things like potty train so have not felt in an rush train her and fully expecting to have two in full time nappies for another 6 months yet. We are in the middle of winter so it a far cry from my planned naked days in the garden potty training!

At first we went bare bum for a couple of hours in the evening and we did not have a single accident. She was not keen on the sensation of weeing without a nappy on but after a couple of times managing she suddenly found it so exciting (or maybe it is just the whole running upstairs to wave bye bye to the wee that she enjoys?).

So I tried her with pants and trousers and she just didn't get it so I just went back to bare bum to let her get used to the potty more. After 3 evenings of training I thought it was a good idea to just go with pants as I have been led to believe that going bare bum around the streets is possibly unacceptable?

So on Friday I decided that she was doing so well that I would not put a nappy on her all day and that we just had to wear pants and trousers.

After one accident on the Friday, when she worked out that you need to take off your pants and trousers before having a wee, we have had such great success with only one dribble in her pants whilst she tried to get her leggings down and onto the potty.

We are still early days of training but I now feel very confident that she has worked out what is expected of her and whilst in the house we do not wear nappies anymore but I haven't yet braved not wearing a nappy for anything other than a walk in the pram or short journey in the car to the shops.

In the beginning I had to keep an eye on M and see if she needed a wee (she can hold it in for 6 hours so I knew she was ready to be trained and unlikely to have an accident if I was there) and she would go if needed. Now we can ask her to have a wee and 9 times out of 10 she will have one which makes me think that we could maybe brave going out without a nappy as we can get her to go before we go out. The only problem is that she has a potty the size of a house so we can't take that with us and she won't sit on a toilet unless we put the potty on the toilet as a toilet trainer seat. If we are to go out I would be worried that we would struggle to find somewhere she would go. I think maybe it is more about me being brave than her although. We would be okay of we were only going out for an hour or two but if it was longer I would worry.

Top tips for toilet training?

  • We ditched the cheapy potty that we had favouring instead a massive but cushioned potty. We went from having a toddler who tried to push herself up on the potty as it hurt her bum to sit on it so a toddler who wouldn't come off the darn thing.
  • Buy stickers. Lots and lots of stickers. 
  • Use a doll which can wee and make a scene of how the dolly is weeing as she is a big girl! This is probably one of the biggest helpers we had. Oh and if you have a younger child pop them on the potty to help encourage copying behavior. M instantly wanted a shot after I put F on it.
  • Make a scene of going to the toilet with the wee or poop and waving bye bye to it.
  • Heap praise when they manage to go in the potty.
  • When you get them dressed in the morning ask them what they have to do when they need a wee - pull down trousers and pants and go to potty. Then ask them what they need to do when they want a poo. Make them act out the actions.
  • Keep asking if they need the potty.
  • Talk about the potty a lot and talk about the wee and poo.
  • Have fun with it.
How did you go about leaving the house without a nappy on? How did you get your child to start using a normal toilet?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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