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Birthday clothes might look good but they are far too big!

One of M's favourite things to do at the moment is to feed the ducks and on her birthday we tried to do just that but sadly there were no ducks to be found. So when we went out to pick a reservation from our local Argos I spotted the bag of unused bread and decided we would go to the duck pond there to see if there were any hungry duckies about. Luckily there were! We were not quite so prepared when it came to wet weather clothing but M enjoyed it nonetheless.


I got this in the sale when M was around six moths and it is a 12-18 month jacket but still fits M perfectly. I love the colour and it is showerproof. The only downside, at this time of the year, is that it is not the thickest jacket around.


Littlelife animal toddler bee backpack with reins - RRP £19.99

When I was pregnant with M we called our bump Bumble so it was an obvious choice for us to get these. The rucksack holds 2 litres of goods so perfect for bottle of water, nappy and wipes. The strap is detachable so when your toddler doesn't need the rein part the bag is still of use. There is alse a hood hidden in a wee pocket that os perfect if you are out a walk and it rains and you don't have a jacket with you!


George at ASDA

I love the colour of these trousers which M got for her birthday earlier this week. They are age 2-3 which means they are far too big for her but she insisted on wearing them. She is a skinny wee thing so they are too baggy round the waist and too long but since we are only just moving into 12-18 in some brands and 18-24 in others it came as no surprise.

The trousers are made of a velvety material and are so soft.


F+F at Tesco

I love the floral print on this. The colours are lovely and different than your usual pinks that girls clothing tends to come in. Again M got this as a gift so it is 2-3 and is far too long in the arms and there is plenty of growing space but how can you deny a two year old the chance to wear her new clothes?


We got these in the summer and they are M's favourite shoes by far. We got them in a size 4 when she was a 3.5 and they have always been a bit big and even now there is plenty room to grow. They have gone through so much and yet still in good condition. We have our eye on a few other pairs for when she eventually grows into a size 5 shoe as I don't think we could have a shoe collection for M that doesn't include these.

Duck Pond - Curly Pond Montrose

M was a late walker, taking her first steps at 15 months and walking just before 18 months and now she wants to walk but gets tired or fed up every easily. She can walk about a mile but gets tired after about three quarters of a mile (is this okay? Should she be walking further?). So I am aiming to go for as many walks where she has a task to do, aiming to help her forget that she is out a walk and it seems to be working.

For this reason I am playing on her wanting to feed ducks as it means we pause a lot to let her rest a wee bit and then she has fun. Thankfully she is also starting to really explore her surroundings so there doesn't have to be ducks everywhere. 

Even the rain did not bother her. She is staring to love having her hood up which is a great bonus with all the wet weather that we have been having.

I am glad that this pond is here but just wish that there was a pond nearer to us so we could walk there rather than drive there.

I love watching how excited M gets when the ducks come close to her, anticipating the food being thrown and it is becoming a bit of a regular activity now as she goes out duck feeding with her grandparents too.

Even in the wet weather, which I wish she had been wearing wellies for as her feet were soaking after jumping on all the puddles, she enjoyed her walk. Picking up sticks, shouting at the ducks, having races with mummy and F.

Even a drain cover proved to be exciting. It was probably the highlight of the walk for her - other than the ducks. She is starting to try jumping and thought this was a trampoline. How do you help teach a toddler to jump?

Of course when there is a park it doesn't matter of you are wearing showerproof trousers or not at two years old you will want to play on all the soaking wet equipment. I didn't have the heart to stop her so we had a shot of the chute and she is now wanting to go on the big kids swings as well as the baby swings. I get a bit nervous when she goes on the bigger swings bit she seems to enjoy it. Perfect as we bought her a climbing frame (reduced to £30 from £165) and that has a big girl's swing on it.



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  1. Aaaah look how happy she looks. My girls love the ducks but we have to drive to see them too! #countrykids

    1. It's a shame as I would go everyday to feed them with her! Every town should have a duck pond!

  2. Yay for hungry duckies haha! What lovely photos of M, the one with the ducks is just gorgeous. The colour of that coat is lovely, it really suits her. Loving the floral hoodie as well. Super cute! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you're having a good weekend :) #weekendtotstyle

  3. Beautiful photos of M feeding the ducks. Love how excited she is. And my little guys *always* wear their brand new clothes right away. It doesn't matter if they're too big or not... Its just one of those things I've given up trying to stop. I figure let them enjoy them! #countrykids

  4. Wow what lovely photos, I love the one of the duck! and what a bargain with the reduced climbing frame! #MyWildOnes

  5. Some lovely gear and if it gets wet it can always be washed. Sounds like she is walking a long way for her age to me so I really wouldn't worry, things she likes like feeding the ducks is a great way to inspire outdoor time. Thank you for sharing on #CountryKids

  6. Lots of lovely clothes and what a brave girl wanting to go on the big swings, I'm still trying to convince O to go on them instead of the baby swings and he's 4! Definitely let her try and get the confidence to use them. My two year old can walk a similar distance before getting tired and wanting carried, unless there are a lot of distractions along the way. He will almost never walk uphill either! I think she's doing great for her age with walking. Gorgeous clothes too, so much fun to be two and just get soaking wet knowing mummy will dry you as soon as your back at the car! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

  7. Awwww her clothes are so gorgeous. I love the pictures of her feeding the ducks by herself and going on the swing. She sounds so independent!! Evie is 22 months and she gets fed up of walking quite quickly, although insists on walking everywhere at first so we always make the mistake of not taking the pram. It looks like you had such a great time out and I'm glad you managed to find some ducks. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather

  8. Bless her :) It looks like she had a fab time feeding the ducks! Gorgeous photos :) Oh and those trousers are beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  9. She looks like she was having a wonderful time despite the weather - and if I was her I'd want to wear those trousers too! #mywildones

  10. Have not had the twins feeding ducks yet but cant wait to do it. She does not seem to bothered by them crowding round her.
    Ours are just starting to keep their hoods up out in the cold.
    I would not like to try and walk the twins a mile, but then there are 2 of them and they dont tend to walk far at all as 2 is too difficult to manage on your own.
    The twins are just learning to jump though they dont get to high. #countrykids