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Last week I wrote about how we joined the National Trust for Scotland and those passes came in handy once again this week when we went to another local site - Barry Mill, Carnoustie. Granted we did not need the passes as the mill is not open for another couple of weeks but just the fact that we noticed it was a member of the NTS made us curious about the place and so we went for a walk whilst it was quiet.

On this walk we decided not to take a carrier for M to encourage her to walk a little bit more and with the walk round the grounds coming in at a mile we thought we would probably end up having to beg her to complete the walk, or carry her on her shoulders. We were so wrong. She walked the whole way, exploring her surroundings and having so much fun.

I think it helped that this walk involved a lot of water, which grabbed her attention as she is a huge water lover. She loved listening to it and watching it as it flowed around her, making its way to the mill.

Looking down at the water below
I think when we have gone on walks before we have timed it badly, during afternoon when she is tired, or just before lunch when she is hungry so her mood as never really been in it. This time we gave lunch on the way and once there she just ran off to explore.

She had so much fun walking over different types of bridges, especially the bouncy wooden bridge which she had to cross umpteen times. It is great to see her realise that she can explore her surroundings and that walking is fun.

The walk was short but took in some amazing sights, which we can't wait to see changing throughout the seasons. 

Although the mill was closed I think just the walk in the countryside was well worth a visit and we will be back soon. There are picnic benches available so we will maybe take our lunch next time (and the dogs who stayed at home as one has a poorly paw).

The path was muddy in places and there was no real easy way to take a pram so I am glad that we love to carry F as I would hate to think we could not visit until he is able to walk. It amazes me how much people miss out on when they decide that baby wearing just isn't for them! Yes I love taking the pram places but carrying was so much easier here.

We don't have long to wait until the mill opens for the season - April 1 - so I can't wait to go back and go on the our of the mill. Something I doubt I would have said a few years ago, pre-children.

The great thing about going at this time of the year, before it is open, was that we barely saw a soul the whole time we where there. Two lots of dog walkers and that was it. We felt like we had the while place to ourselves. Perfect.

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  1. That looks like a lovely place, we haven't explored the national trust venues enough. I keep thinking we should get a membership pass for us.

    1. You definitely should, just gives you more of an excuse to get out and explore.

  2. Well done to her for getting the whole way round without asking to be carried at all! I always take the carrier for A, but need to let him walk more, sometimes it's just easier when we have two to chase around though! It looks like a great walk with lots if interesting things to find and explore perfect to encourage little ones to keep walking. Haven't been to Carnoustie in a while, will have to add it to our list! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

    1. We were lucky that she didn't want carried this time but if we take a carrier she knows and just wants up! She has discovered the joy of walking and finding things though and walks are getting longer and longer. Barry Mill is lovely. Can't wait to go back when the mill is open.

  3. Wow what a beautiful place to visit! Its lovely to let them walk and explore isn't it :) #MyWildOnes

  4. I love places like this. That's so good that she walked the whole way for a change, you must be so pleased! I think they're drawn to water aren't they! Evie is obsessed although she always tries to jump right in which is scary. It looks really beautiful here. I bet in Summer the mill looks so lovely and peaceful. I can't wait to read about the tour!! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with #whatevertheweather x

  5. What a gorgeous place! Lovely photos! Food timings are difficult aren't they?!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  6. What a lovely place. We've recently joined NT too and I'd use my pass every day if I had the chance!

  7. Well done to little M for toddling all the way round. I must say your little family is at a wonderful age for family adventures like this, it looks like there was just the right amount of things to keep you busy and at M's age they don't need to be big things, bridges and water, space to run and the freedom to explore make for a lovely day out. I bet the Old Mill will be fun to poke around when it opens again too, I hope you get to return. Thank you so much for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  8. What a lovely place for a walk. I know what you mean about timing - it really is important with these little ones isn't it. I always have biscuits or raisins in my pocket to give Toby a bit of a boost when we go out for a walk - he'll do anything for a snack! #MyWildOnes