Exploring baby wearing options

Makes life so much easier when you have two young children

When I had M I used to carry her occasionally. I loved it but I was new to carrying and at the time had a carrier that really is not recommended (or doesn't support babies legs right and weight not distributed well). I then hired an Ergo from a local sling library and what a difference it made! I instantly found a new love for carrying and so I searched online and looked to find what carrier I would buy. It took a while (and I means weeks) for me to decide and I bough a Tula. It was instant love.

Suddenly carrying M became a weightless activity. No longer did my back ache. I could walk for hours and hardly notice I was carrying her. This was when M was a bit older and I soon became pregnant again and as I hadn't practiced back carries I stopped carrying. I missed it and looked forward to carrying F. I knew that baby wearing would make things much easier as it would mean I could carry F whilst M and I took part in her Gym Teds and dancing classes - this would have been impossible with just the pram (F might be a baby but that doesn't mean he just wants to sit at the side of a room and watch).

As the Tula is used for older children (15lb and up without infant insert) I decided to have a look about and I saw a Papoozle for sale for about same price as the infant insert and so I decided to buy that. The reason was because it was a step between the Tula and using a woven sling. It gave me and idea about whether I might enjoy learning how to carry with a woven wrap. It took a wee bit to get used to tying the Papoozle correctly to stop F slipping down but he was so comfy and I soon decided I needed to jump into the world of wraps. Who wouldn't? They are so pretty.

Since then I have bought a couple of wraps and have turned into a sweaty mess enjoyed learning how to wrap. It has taken a bit to get used to and I would not confess to being an expert in wrapping but I do love the cuddles that you get when carrying. Yes I also enjoy walking with a pram too and would never get rid of my pram but I have realised how handy having a wrap can be.

In addition to wraps I have been trying out a sling ring and Mei Tai all of which I plan to write up about in the future.

I still have a love of buckle carriers too, so quick and easy to put on, perfect for quick trips into the shops or when I take M to her dance or gym classes. There really is a wrap or carrier for everyone and if you get the right carrier you will not feel the weight of your child.

When out with M it is handy to be able to have both hands free - so I can help her find things, lift her, play with her. Things that are a bit harder when pushing a pram. It means I can walk up stairs instead of taking the long way round. We can explore areas we might not have with a pram. Shopping can be so much easier when you don't have to navigate a pram about too.

How did you get into baby wearing? Or are you keen to try but don't know where to start? Tell me what you think.

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  1. I'm looking forward to getting to grips with the ring sling and woven we have been sent. I think I am always going to be a buckles girl at heart, but I love the flexibility of wraps etc.