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Bring comfort to a little boy

When you have a baby who likes to chew on things buying a teething necklace can be a lifesaver. Not only will it help sooth sore gums it means that mummy can wear a necklace without fear of it getting broken by grabbing hands!

I am sure F has been teething since he arrived on his birthday six months ago and, despite not having any teeth, he constantly wants to chew things. Offering a finger is getting too painful as he has such strong jaws and, like M, he is not overly interested in teething toys so when I was offered the chance to review a teething necklace from La La Beads I did not hesitate in saying yes!

I could not decide between the Bubble - Citron or the Pearl - Turquoise but in the end I decided to test the Pearl - Turquoise as I felt the beads (around 12mm) would be a good size to fit comfortably in a little mouth.

La La Beads are made from 100% non toxic, BPA-free silicone beads which I found were super good at keeping hands occupied when baby wearing.

The beads are squishy an the necklace as a safety breakaway clasp in "La La warm red" which is great when little hands pull hard on it.

You can wash the necklace in warm soapy water or, if like me, you prefer the dishwasher you can wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

I am more used to shorter necklaces so when I put this on it did feel a bit long (it has a 14 inch drop length). I very quickly realised that this was exactly the length that is needed, any shorter and it would not have been comfortable, any longer and it would just have been too long. The length means that you can be sat comfortably with baby when they want to play with the beads and chew them. They are ideal for babywearing as it gives them something to play with that they can't drop, something to chew on that isn't the baby carrier or wrap and I have found that F is much happier to stay carried when I wear this necklace (meaning I don't have a sleep fighting baby on my hands,).

I put this on and almost instantly they were in F's mouth. I had barely taken him in my arms before he grabbed them and chewed. They did not leave his mouth at all and when I put him down he started to cry. Not because I had put him down but because he no longer got to chew the beads! That is a pretty good sign to me that they are worth every penny!

Now one thing I was not expecting was that my eldest (26 months old) daughter would also enjoy chewing on them (and playing with them) so much and if they are not in her brothers mouth they are in her possession (under supervision of course). I think her last molars must be bothering her as she pushes them to the back of her mouth ad chomps. She also likes dress up with them too.

Now it isn't all just about the benefits to baby as mummy also gets to wear a lovely necklace without having to worry about it getting snagged, pulled or breaking.

I have had so many great comments from people who think baby is going to choke or come to harm when eating the necklace when they find out that this necklace is designed to be chewed. They love it and have to have a feel of it to see if it is silicon as they just can't believe the beads are not the usual kind you would find on a "normal" necklace.

With a RRP of £15 I think these beads are great value. F barely looks at any other toy at the moment, just wanting to play with mummy's beads! I have them on almost constantly and it provides him something to play wth at all times when near me. He loves them.


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  1. Did you choose a winner for the necklace? They look lovely, I have a couple but thinking of getting another!

    1. Yeah the winner was Wendy Guy who has been contacted with all informations (apologies I forgot to tick the box that displayed winner on widget).