Little F is six months old!

Time is flying past far too fast!

Okay I know we all say it but really how on earth did six months come round so quickly? Little F is half a year old and what a fantastic half year it was.


On the stroke of six months F has decided he is maybe going to be interested in solids but for now we have only really done porridge and baby rice and on his half birthday he actually opened his mouth for some lol. Looks like he will be like M and not take to it for a few more mouths and, hopefully, just love everything.


We have no teeth yet, which shocks me as I was sure they were going to come in early. He does eat everything but much of this is just exploring the world with his mouth.


He is getting better at sitting unaided now but what he love the most is standing and he are getting pretty good at standing by himself at the sofa! Sometimes it is the only way to settle him.


Sleeping is great, once up at night at around 4 or 5am and two naps in the day (for an hour in morning and up to 3 hours in the afternoon). F is now sleeping until 8-9.30am which is great (more of the 9.30am starts please!!!).


What this six months has really been about is the relationship between F and M. I had the usual pregnancy doubts - how will M cope, will she liked or resent having a sibling etc but I need no have worried, if anything the attachment between them is too much and M can be a bit over keen to hug and kiss him (and now if he cries she will feed him, pushing me away and hogging the bottle). They play together so well and M gets the biggest giggles and smiles from F. The love they have is utterly amazing.


There have been hard days, obviously, and most of that is down to F having reflux and being a bit of a nap fighter! The first 6 weeks were the worst and he was pretty miserable at times (though we have since realised that he was probably actually happier than your average baby of his age but we were so used to M who never cried). He has been on Gaviscon since 8 weeks old but to be honest this hasn't done much. I am hoping weaning will help. That said it must have taken off the edge of the pain as he did stop crying as much.

Here is to the next six months (let it be a bit slower than the past six months please!).

Training Mummy

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