Myth busting babywearing

Some things are just too wrong not to talk about

I was recently browsing a thread on an online parenting forums and came across thread where people were commenting on babywearing and how unsuitable it is. I was gobsmacked at the comments, knowing that the people commenting had not worn a baby, or had done so in a cheap and uncomfortable baby carrier. I have also had many comments when around friends who have also been surprised I can wear a baby. I It made me realise that so many people just do not have a clue about how easy and comfortable baby wearing can be.


  • Baby wearing is uncomfortable:

Yes it can be if you are not carrying correctly. There are so many types of baby carriers that you can choose from and what might be suitable for one person might not be for another. 

  • You can't carry after a c-section:

Since it is recommended that all you lift after a section is your baby baby wearing is the best thing you can do (for the majority of c-section mums). No heavy pram to push, just you and your baby. Of course you would have to choose the right carrier to use - ring sling, woven wrap, stretchy wrap. You just need something that you are wear above your scar. I actually used a Papoozle (6 days after my section but I would have been sooner as I never took it to the hospital) and I was worried about the waistband rubbing my scar but it was so comfortable to wear.

When I have baby 3 (fingers crossed as I would love a third) I will be packing a sling in my hospital bag as one of my essentials. If is great for skin to skin time and has so many benefits for mum and baby in the early days so all in all it is a win win situation. I am already debating which carrier I would take with me if I was ever pregnant again.

  • Baby wearing will make your baby clingy:

Well research would love to argue with this. Like actual research, not just one mum sharing her thoughts with another research. It is said that lots of physical contact helps a baby's developments, growth and encourages positive attachment. It ha actually been found that children who are worn are less clingy and more independent than those who were not. I would tend to agree with this as those kids I know who have been worn always tend to be far more outgoing and willing to explore. The clingiest of children I know are ones who have never been worn. Maybe coincidental but I don't think so.

Also you do realise that a baby who is worn cries less? Like much less?

  • Baby wearing is dangerous:

Well yes that can be true an deaths have occurred whilst a baby is being worn but what people don't comment on is how it is only dangerous if you don't wear the baby correctly. If you follow T.I.C.K.S:

In view at all times
Close enough to kiss
Keep chin off the chest
Supported back.

Then you will be fine!

Prams can also be deadly too if used incorrectly but you don't see many people shouting that out loud.

  • A pram is essential you can not baby wear all the time

Actually you can and there are loads of parents out there who have never used a pram in their life. I like having the option of both as I love pushing a pram too but I have been finding that I am using the pram less and less now as it is much easier to get about places without a pram when you are chasing a toddler about the place.

  • You can't go shopping if you baby wear:

What did you do before you had children? If you walked to the shop I presume you used the two free hands that you have when you baby wear to carry the shopping? If you didn't I guess you probably used the car or took the bus. Having a baby in a sling will not change this as you are empty handed to do what you want, including carrying the shopping home.

  • You baby will be too heavy to carry after a few months.

If you choose the right carrier you can quite easily carry a 4 or 5 year old without feeling that they are too heavy. If you get the wrong carrier you will struggle to carry for long as the weight will be concentrated in all the wrong places. Given the right carrier (it is best to go to a sling library and do your research first) you will not even notice the weight of the child. Of course there are baby carrier out there that are dreadful and so uncomfortable for the carrier that they might never carry again. I can quite happily carry my two year old without being uncomfortable.

  • You have to have a pram to protect a babies spine

When a baby is born the spine is naturally rounded, in a c-shape and is not designed to be straight so in many respects carrying a baby is much better than putting them in a cot to sleep as it means they can be cuddles up against you.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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  1. This is brilliant, I wear little L and we love it, hrs by far the happiest, most chilled of my 3. So many people tell me it's because he's a boy... so everyone with a boy has a happy baby? I mainly use the pushchair in the house as its easiest to bring him around to get on with what I need to do (now he's a chunky 5 month old when tiny I wore him) but if I'm leaving the house I wear him, it's not realistic using a pushchair with 3&4 year old all the time.