Making it fun and personal this Father's Day

Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day is fast approaching (June 19th) but sometimes it is hard to think of something to buy that daddy will love and use. Here are a few ideas for great gifts:


We were sent a Sugru Starter Kit recently and having tried it out I would say this is great for any dad out there. It makes DIY fun and will actually make the men in your life WANT to try and find things to fix.

For just £10 the Sugru Starter Kit (which includes five different coloured packs of Sugru in a handy storage tin and a project idea book) is an ideal gift for dad. 

Sugru is a soft mouldable glue which feel like a soft play-doh when  you first remove it from the package but when cured (just in the air) becomes a hard rubber. It bonds to almost every surface so is ideal for thousands of DIY tasks.

We have already mended a bike seat and made key hooks from just one package of Sugru (something we have been meaning to put up for months now). We have actually gone round the house looking for ideas on what to fix!

Personalised book from Love2Read

In our house we love taking pictures and love reading so combining the two activities into one to create a personalised book from Love2read was something that I just loved the idea of doing.

We were asked to make a book in exchange for a review and I can only say that I love this so much.

The quality of the book from Love2read is amazing. Such thick glossy pages. We made a book for daddy and it will be a great book to use to help M read in the coming future. 

I wrote a simple poem and matched pictures with the words to help M associate pictures with the words. The text is lovely and large and so clear for early learners. 

M loved seeing photos of familiar people in the book and of course daddy (who got this a wee bitty early) loves it!

A book cost £14.99 but if you have a few people to make books for it gets cheaper the more you order. There are lots of book ideas for many different family members, pets, birthdays etc, so there is bound to be something for everyone.

This will be a book that we will never get rid of.

There is still plenty of time to make a book as you have until June 14 to order your book. Delivery is quick - I ordered late on Tuesday night for them to process on the Wednesday morning and received on Friday.

Homemade art

Finding a way to recreate a memory with the help f your children is something that we love doing. We got engaged in New York where we came across a LOVE sign which I then recreated with the help of M.

This was a really easy activity and only required a hand and her feet, some paint, a paint brush and the canvas.

Although simple and costing next to nothing to do (basically just the cost of a canvas which I got cheap from Home Bargains) it has created a wonderful and lasting memory if our time in New York and the day we got engaged.

Needless to say my husband loved it - and so do I!

Photo frame

Making a photo frame full of pictures of the kids is a wonderful gift idea. A frame doesn't need to cost the earth as it is the photos that are bing looked at not the frame. You can get some great deals for photo printing online but I just printed pictures at home to use.

I loved getting the chance to sit and go through photos but found it so tough to choose just a few. 

You really can't get much better than pictures of your kids can you?

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Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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