Papoozle makes baby wearing so easy and comfortable

Comfortable even after a c-section

When I had M I touched upon baby wearing a little and I loved it but sadly I really got into it just as I fell pregnant so I didn't really do it for long. When F arrived I decided I was going to wear him from the word go and so bought myself a new carrier which was suitable for newborns.

After looking about I decided to buy the Papoozle as it was a mixture of a stretchy wrap and a structured carrier. I had tried to wrap with a stretchy wrap with M but ended up just tying myself in knots and found with her that the Tula was by far better. I was between buying a newborn insert for the Tula or the Papoozle so when I saw that the Papoozle was on sale and cost only a few pounds more than the newborn insert I just had to buy the Papoozle.

I wish I had packed the Papoozle in the hospital bag so when I got home the first thing I did was try it on! I loved it. At six days old and six days after I had my c-section I was able to comfortably wear F. I was worried having a waistband might have hurt or pushed on the scar but I need not have worried. I did not get tied up in knots like I did when I tried the Moby wrap and it has actually encouraged me to looking into trying a woven wrap and has really opened my eyes to how comfortable wrapping and different carrier can be.

The Papoozle allows your baby to be supported from knee to knee, in the most hip healthy manner which is highly recommended for baby wearing and something I did not know about when I first started baby wearing with M two years ago.

F was a grumpy baby for a while. He had awful reflux and colic and the Papoozle was somewhere that he found very easy to sleep in. It was comfortable for me and comfortable for him. It would often change him from a screaming baby to a sleeping baby in a matter of minutes. Just put on waistband, put straps over shoulders, cross over back, bring to front and tie. Pop in baby and expect sleep to arrive in seconds. Add tummy band for extra support. Easy.

One benefit I found with wearing my baby was that it freed up my hands so I could concentrate so much more on M that I would have if I had not used a carrier. I could give her cuddles at same time as cuddling F and not be scared I would drop one. It also meant I was only really feeling the weight of M as F's weight was dispersed throughout the Papoozle.

When you have two under two you are most probably going to beed a method of transport for them both (unless you don't plan on going very far from the house or car) and so having a Papoozle means you can get out and about with a single pram. I love Cosatto and would have been so upset if I had not been able to use it and have to use a double all the time. Thankfully I have managed to use it as much as I want thanks to baby wearing. We love a long walk, walking the dogs, and getting places at speed, all things you jus can't do if you are relying on a toddler to walk everywhere.

The upper weight limit for the Papoozle is 35lb and with M measuring in at 24lbs just this week there is loads of time until the upper weight limit if reached but sometimes a carrier can become very uncomfortable even if they have loads of time until the upper limit is reached. Well I quite easily manage to carry M in it at 2 years old and find the padded and wide shoulders on this really helps spread the weight about. Amazing considering one of the cheapy carrier we bought for M used to hurt my back when she was a teeny tiny 6 months old. At that stage I would never have dreamt that I would be able to carry her still at 2.

The carrier is designed as a "one size fits all" carrier and they say it will fit anyone from 5ft 3 to 6ft 5. I am 5ft 3 and can't see why it wouldn't fit someone who is much smaller. I don't know anyone 6ft 5 so I can't comment on that.

Who wouldn't want to have sleepy cuddles with a little toot as often as possible? I know I would never say no.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I adore all of these photos, they're beautiful. So glad that babywearing with the Papoozle was so beneficial for you, I've heard such great things about this particular carrier! X


    1. Thanks. I do love it and will be packing it in suitcase for next baby (if we have another).

  2. Oh we loved this sooooo much and it was so perfect for our baby when he was born. It cocooned him up really nicely and lasted for ages. It then got lost on a flight and j was so gutted! #triedtested

    1. oh no!! What a pity :( It is so comfy isn't it.