Faber & Faber: The Shrew that Flew

The Shrew that Flew - Julia Copus

You know that moment when you are invited to a party and there is a dress code and at the last minute you have a bit of a disaster regarding your outfit but you will do anything you can to resolve the problem? Well that is just what Candy Stripe Lil has when she is invited to a party at Badger's Lair which requires her to wear a hat. After finding just the hat and drying it on the line Lil goes to collect it and it is blown away in a gust of wind and gets stuck on a chimney slate. Will she find a way to retrieve it from so high or will she miss the party?
One Saturday, in the middle of June,
one bright and windy afternoon,
all the creatures by Piggyback Wood 
were getting ready - as fast as they could.
There was only a short time left to prepare 
for the birthday party at Badger's lair.
Never say never is the motto that Lil stands by as she looks for things to help her fly and get her hat back. Can an umbrella help? Or a fan? Maybe with a little help from a giant balloon she might just manage.

As with most of M's favourite books this one is rhyming and full of gorgeous pictures to really bring the story to life. With so many different animals attending the party if a a great story to talk about animals with little ones.

M loves this and has been reading it a lot lately. She really gets into the story, making animal noises, pointing at things within the images.

We were given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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