Day 22 - #30DaysWild

A riverside walk

Don't you just love it when you realise that one of your favourite walks has become a little more children friendly? Well that happened to us this week when we realised that we can get down to the river just down the road from us, without having to climb/wade/jump over streams and hills to get there.

The river walk was one that we used to do on occasion pre-children and somewhere that is just so peaceful. Sadly there is no real official route onto the path (why?!?!?!) and before we used to have to climb fences, go through horse paddocks to get there but now there sees to be an easier route and one that we found we could use today.

I chanced upon the walk by accident the other night when I was out with the dogs and found that the dog bin had moved. This made me curious to explore the route and so I headed on down. I am so glad I did because the walk we had today was amazing! We did not have much time as hubby had to get to work but we have already planned another walk down this way, with a packed lunch, for the weekend if it is nice.

I love where we live as we can get to places like this in the space of 5 minutes. We really are so lucky to live in such a lovely country.

Molly loved it too. This was probably the first real time she has been able to play with the dogs near water. She loved throwing stones in the river and watching them  run in after them. The joy. The laughter.

As with most of the family was we go on this one was once again undoable had we taken the pram. I carried M and F in the Lenny Lamb Rainbow Safari wrap whilst hubby carried them both in the Osprey Poco Plus carrier. Of course M walked much of the way but we like to go on longer walks too, especially as we have the dogs, so carrying is the only way we manage to get anywhere with any speed.

I think we have found out favourite family walk.

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