Day 27 - #30DaysWild

Forfar Loch

I have been meaning to go on this walk for a while now but just haven't had time, or been able to, but today I decided that since it was a nice day and I was not in a hurry to be anywhere that me and the kids would walk around Forfar Loch.

I have done this walk umpteen times, including when I was 10 days overdue with M, and I still love it. It is a popular walk but yet you still feel like you are by yourself.

One bit I love it the Forfar Witches memorial, which was erected to commemorate 22 woman who were killed in Forfar during some of the last witch hunts in Scotland. 

The drystane "cauldron" has a memorial stone with 22 dots which represent the 22 women who were killed.

We go to the loch twice a week as it is right next to the leisure centre where M has classes. Normally we just go to the park and then go and feed the ducks but I felt like a change so we went on the circular walk round the loch.

The walk is around 2.5 miles and M walked around a mile of that before I carried her in our toddler Tula which is so comfy and she loves it.

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