Day 28 - #30DaysWild

Making art with nature

M has been a collector of leaves and twigs since she could walk and on most occasions I end up carrying a heap of them home with me. Today she had on her rucksack and started filling in with leaves and twigs that she found on the pavements on her way to the library. It is a 1.5 mile round trip and M is getting so good at walking at it and at a decent pace too now!

We left the collection of natures best at home and headed out on the bike to toddlers. It is becoming a habit for me to cycle to toddlers now as I find getting M to walk to the library and back in the morning means she is a bit too tired to walk the 2.5 miles there and back to toddlers and I like to leave the car at home more and more now. F ended up falling asleep in the trailer and missing hald of toddlers.

Once home from toddlers F was tired so I put him to nap and me and M did some crafting. I cut out some shapes that I am going to laminate and M glued her sticks and leaves that she collected this morning onto a picture for daddy. 

We only recently started using glue so this is very much a new craft idea for M and she loves it. She did everything herself, from gluing, to sticking it all on the page. I also love that the final picture was so clear to me (backed up by her telling me what it all was). Leaves that had fallen on the ground with trees! It is clear as day!

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