Day 30 - #30DaysWild

Today was a busy day, with toddlers in the morning an dancing in the afternoon. We cycled up to toddlers, which is becoming my favourite method of transport these days, and I am finding that I am finding it easier and easier to do these days.

After dancing I took the pram out for M (as she was exhausted from her dancing) and carried F in my lovely Pellicano Baby Zoya Qara wrap. I love the colours on this and, although it looks nothing like the colours online, I love the pattern. We headed up to the field nearest the house to let the dogs off their leads and have a run.

I love how much M loves the dogs and loves to chase after them and play with them. It is the highlight of the day for her when she sees the dogs, F is becoming just as big a fan of hem as well!

Of course when we got to the field the first thing the dogs do is find the muddiest puddle and jump right into it! Joys! They seems to have so much fun though so you can't complain.

I have been testing out a new camera - Olympus Tough TG-870 - which we purchased for our holiday later in the year and so far I am impressed with it. I am used to the quality of a DSLR camera and this isn't there with that but it has a flip screen making selfies a breeze and it as a wide angle lens which makes fitting everything in and a selfie button on the front which helps make selfies even easier. Add to this the fact it is waterproof, shatter proof and can cope with being frozen I think it will be the perfect camera for us over the coming years.

We have now finished the 30 days of #30DaysWild and

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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