Kopparberg mixed fruit cider bread recipe

Recently I ungraded my bread machine and have since been experimenting with recipes for bread and decided to try adding a bit of Kopparberg mixed fruit cider.

I had not used the additional ingredient dispenser before so decided to add some mixed fruit in the bread to add some extra sweetness.

Kopparberg mixed fruit cider bread


  • 1 tsp - Yeast
  • 500g - Strong white flour
  • 1 - Apple, grated
  • 1 tsp - Caster sugar
  • 1 tsp - Salt
  • 300ml - Kopparberg mixed fruit cider
  • 150g - Mixed fruit

Cooking Directions

  • Add ingredients (except mixed fruit) in the order your bread machine recommended. In this case in the order shown above.
  • Use a raisin bread setting and add the 150g mixed fruit in the extra ingredient dispenser (or put in raisins when the additional ingredient alert sounds on machine).
I was pleasantly pleased with the results as usually I am someone who doesn't deviate from a recipe and certainly not one to make up recipes but this was a great result. I think I would maybe add another apple to the mix as I couldn't really taste it. I also wasn't sure if I would taste the cider at all but you can certainly taste it in the background. 

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