The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy

It pooped daddy mummy!

We have a huge book lover in M and we can barely go half an hour without reading a book or two to her and now, as she grows older and understands more, she is really beginning to understand the humour in books. 

The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy was sent to us to review and I could tell that M was going to love it from the minute she picked it up and saw poo!

This is aimed at younger children rather than older kids like some of the other "The Dinosaur That" books and at 2 I think M is at the perfect age to enjoy the book and learn from it. It is a perfect introduction to the series of books for the younger readers and as M loved many of the other books in the series this is a great book for her to really get into.

Daddy has gone missing, where can he be? Toddlers and pre-school children can learn to count down from 10, by following the trail of mess that daddy has left behind before he went missing.

I love that this book is the perfect size for little hands, making it ideal for M to read it and as she wouldn't let me take it away after I had read it at bedtime I would say it is a hit! That and when I checked in on her later that in the night she was sleeping hugging it!

She really got into the book, pointing at the objects as we counted, pointing at the number at the top of the page and what a laugh when we found daddy! "It pooed daddy mummy!". I missed some of the more fun rhymes of the "older" books in the series which is a shame but as the book is aimed at M and not me I think we need to concentrate on M's opinion rather than mine. 

The illustrations are the same as the other books in the series and M enjoyed pointing out and talking about a lot of the objects drawn on each page! She loved having poo in the book, and it is a change from the usual birds and flowers on other counting books!

With Father's Day coming up this would be a great book to buy daddy. A bit cheeky perhaps but fun.

If you are looking for some fun activities to do with your little one for Father's Day why not make dad a "The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy" fun card. Download here.

Or if you are looking for some fun activities based around "The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy" you can download them here.

We were given this book for free in exchange for a honest review. All words are mine.

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