The Dinosaur that Pooped a Rainbow

Learning colours with a pooping dinosaur

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Rainbow by Tom Fletcher had me so excited as M is really enjoying her colours just now and her language is blossoming (at last). This book saw her learn to say the names of the colours that she has been pointing to for ages now. It was so good as she pretty much read along with me from cover to cover which is just wonderful for me to see.

Much like The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy (which M asked for again today - poo daddy book, poo daddy book) this book is an introduction into the series for the youngest of readers. It again lacks the rhyme of the other books which I loved but this is made up for the fact that the book contain easy to read along and copy sentences.  As I say M liked to read along to the rainbow colours.

It features the same illustrations of the other books in the series and has lots on each page for you and your toddler to talk about. I love books like this at the moment as some books have too much story that M just sits and listens but doesn't talk through the book but this one gives her plenty of things to talk about.

We have had this book for a few days now and they are firm favourites at the moment and M has asked for them to be read numerous times each bedtime and keeps a hold of them after we have kissed her goodnight.

I can see us being fans of these books for a long time to come, with her younger brother taking these as his when M moves on to the "older" books in the series.

I was given these books in exchange for an honest review. All views are mine and mine alone.

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