Goldilocks would be spoilt for choice if she visited Ella's Kitchen

Once upon a time there was a story where Goldilocks was a bit fussy, only liking Little Bear's porridge, but fear not as she would be spoilt for choice if she stumbled upon any of the Ella's Kitchen cereals as they were gobbled up and more was asked for in this little house!

One of the most exciting, but also stressful, times in your baby's life is when you start the weaning process. What will the first food be? Will they take to food? Will they take to weaning with ease or will it be a struggle.

When F turned six months old we started to process of weaning. With M we felt pressurised to wean but she was not interested in food until around seven months and this seemed to be the case with F as well as the first few times we tried food he was not interested at all. At 7 months something clicked and we started to weaning with gusto.

I though F might have started weaning well at six months as he showed all the signs but he, just like his sister, wanted to wait.

Much like M I started weaning using baby cereals and as I am a firm believer that babies love taste (which is certainly the case for mine) so when I was offered the opportunity to review some cereals from Ella's Kitchen I jumped at the chance.

We were sent a packet of four of the new flavours of cereal/rice that Ella's Kitchen have recently released and I can honestly say they have proved to be huge hits.

The cereal/baby rice

Four months plus:

When we start weaning I have always started with baby rice but usually plain rice which has never really gone down that well with my two. I wondered if it was just that they did not like rice but having tried these rices I have found that it is just that my babies like things with a bit more flavour.

Carrot multigrain baby rice - organic carrot, maize and quinoa baby rice.
Banana multigrain baby rice - organic banana, maize and quinoa baby rice.

These two are great for introducing solids to the diet and was certainly accepted so much easier than plain baby rice that we had previously tried with F. To begin with we used these on their own, make with either formula or cows milk. Now that F is nearer 9 months than six months I have found them to be perfect for when we are having a "chicken nugget and chips" sort of tea as I can make this up and add cooked vegetables or mashed banana and I know F is getting a wholesome tea. So handy, so quick and so scrummy!

Seven months plus:

I started this straight away with F as soon as we got the mail. He was over the seven month mark and I was so curious about the crispy bits - something that I really like about this.

Strawberry and raspberry porridge with crispy bitsOrganic maize, oats, strawberry and raspberry porridge with rice crispy bits.

I am a huge fan of porridge as a breakfast for the kids as it is not only so good for them but also it fills them up so well so I was so excited to try this. We had no problem finding a way of making this taste good. It was never too hot, too cold. It was always "just right". I made up what I thought was a big bowl of cereal for F and he loved it so much that I had to make an additional two bowls. I don't think you can argue with that! I liked that it had the crispy bits which is different to any of the other cereals that we had tried.

Ten months plus:

Once the strawberry and raspberry porridge was finished I went straight onto this muesli.

Banana and cinnamon muesli with crispy bits Organic oats, maize, banana and cinnamon muesli with wheat crispy bits.

I loved that this had cinnamon as it added a flavour to F's diet that I would not usually have. Although it says 10 months I had no concerns about trying him on it at 8 months as he is confident with lumps and bits. This has more whole bits of oats than the porridge, as well as bigger crispy bits, and certainly more texture to it and once again F devoured far more than he should have - a sure sign that they are #CerealouslyScrummy that's for sure.

My verdict:

All of the four cereal and baby rices went down so well with F. They are different flavours than we had tried before and always result in empty bowls. 

The crispy bits in the porridge and muesli are great additions and I think have helped F accept textures so much quicker than I thought he might. In fact he has never shown any dislike to lumps at all. 

F enjoys all the flavours and eats them with huge smiles on his face. 

The packets are resealable which is a great plus point as it makes storing them so much easier than other brands which I have been known to drop and spill everywhere.

I love that you can have a quick meal with the help of these, whether it is a healthy breakfast, or a filling tea.

The only thing I would change, and this is a niggle with all baby cereals, is that I wish they did them in bigger packets. I seem to finish these so quickly (I think my kids have far more than they should but they do love it).

I was sent these cereals in exchange for an honest review. All opinions written here are mine and mine alone.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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