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It wasn't until I started having to give a child breakfast that I realised just how much a little person can eat. One bowl of cereal is never enough in this house as there is always a call for "more breakfast please mummy".

We are very much a cereal family when it comes to breakfast. I have always given my children porridge as babies and then a mixture of cereals but I am always so worried about the sugar content of cereals, especially those aimed at children.

We were recently asked if we would like to try out some new cereals and so were sent some Fruity Muesli with Crispy Ducks and Fruity O's to test and I was keen to see if it could be tasty as well as good for them. I was concerned they might be a bit bland.

I thought M was not going to enjoy the Fruity O's as the first time she didn't finish her bowl but I think she was just expecting it to be her usual breakfast as they next day she devoured the lot and asked for more!

They make a great snack for during the day which is great!

The fruit muesli with crispy ducks was an instant hit! Not only did she love the taste she also loved having the ducks in in. What a noise she made with her "quack, quack, quack" sound effects whilst she ate it. She asks each morning for her duck breakfast!

As well as the cereals for older children we also trialled some of their new porridge pouches which F absolutely loved.

These are the only porridge in a pouch available in the UK! I had actually looked for pouches like this for M when she was younger as she loved porridge in the early days but couldn't find anything so I was excited by these. 

They use 100% organic fruit and wholegrain cereal and have no added sugar which is great as you don't have to worry about what they are eating.

I am not a huge porridge fan but I tasted this and thought it was fine and my hubby also commented on how tasty it was.

F enjoyed each one that he had, eating the lot with a good nom nom between mouthfuls.

They come in a variety of flavours:

Apple and peach porridge
Pear, apple and apricot porridge
Fruity porridge

Aimed at 6 months + they make a great addition to the breakfast options of little ones but you don't have to have it for breakfast as F enjoyed it for dinner too on occasion. I would definitely buy these again for F and if we have another baby we will be stocking up on these when the time comes.

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