Getting some peace and quiet this summer

As a stay at home mum to a two year old and a nine month oldm both of who don't go to nursery, I didn't think summer would make much difference to us. That was until I realised that all the sports clubs that the eldest attends stop for the summer so we have seven weeks of nothing. Nothing to break the days up. Nothing to keep her occupied and nothing to give me a break from thinking of tasks to do. So I have a few top tips to help you survive the summer.

Hide and seek - especially of they don't yet understand where they should look for you

We stumbled upon this gem the other week. I jumped in the bath, pulled the curtain and called out for M. She came in, she went out. She came in. She went out. She look in her room, in our room, her room, our room. I started to giggle. She was sure to find us? Nope! 10 minutes of me time!!!!

Help mummy in the garden by getting rid of all the mud

Get some garden tools (a spoon will do) and tell them they have to clear a section of the garden of mud. Give them a shovel and bucket and challenge them to dig until no more mud is left. This can keep them entertained for hours. Get a book, a juice, feet up! Winner!

Clean the fence, walls, toys

Make an effort to make it look like you are doing a very important cleaning task. You have soapy water and a sponge. Their curiosity will win and they will want to help. Silence will ensue for a good 30 minutes to and hour. You not only get some peace but you get slightly cleaner items.

Search for sticks on a walk

When out on walks give your child a task to collect things. Sticks is a firm favourite with us. It makes them walk longer distances, moan less and you then have crafting materials for when you get home.

Bake (just before bedtime and you get all the rewards!)

Baking with kids is a winner. Not only do you get a child occupied in a task for a while. They all seem to enjoy it. But you also get some deliscous cakes at the end of it. If you time it so that you put them in the oven just before their bed then you can end up reaping all the rewards (except one so they have a reward too). They need not know that cakes don't take all night to bake and that the heap of mixture you put in the oven doesn't come out as one single little cupcake!!

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