Miss M's adventures with Zed Fox

This week we are in for something a bit different. A post from Miss M, aged 2.5 years, who talks about her Zed Fox backpack from The Enchanted Company.

Zed Foxy is my friend. He likes bike, scooter, walk, sheeps and moo cows. We like to go on walk to shop for Freddo Frog. Zed doesn't like them so I eat it.

I take Zed on my back. His tummy is a blanket. We have picnic on his tummy but don't forget to pack his tummy when it is time to go home.

Me and Zed like to go out. I love Zed and he loves me. He likes my balance bike. "Weeeeeeee" he says when we go go go. Faster, faster. He would like his own bike.

We like to dance, in the house or in the car. Zed is a good dancer and likes my kisses. He likes hugs too.

We just got a scooter and he helped me learn how to push it. Now we scoot. Mum has to run to keep up. She shouts wait, stop so I have to wait for mummy. She is so slow.

When we walk mummy can put on a strap onto Zed, to make sure he doesn't run away, but I can look after him so I don't need it but little people might need it.

He likes to sleep in my bed. I cuddle him and keep him warm. He likes to hug in car too. Very huggy foxy.

Sometimes Zed wants to eat my dinner. I sometimes share but sometime he just sits when I eat. We have to eat so we can go out and play mummy says. No play unless you eat, so eat please.

Sometimes we don't go out to play but go to boring shop. Zed and me play in the puddles when mum looks at mud. Why do we need more mud mummy?

I love Zed fox. Maybe mummy will buy Miss Bun Bun for me?

We were sent Zed Fox for the purposes of this review. All words were from Molly and typed by mummy.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Such a cute post, Alex would love one of those x

    1. They are super cute. M loves hers and is always playing with it