Fitbit Surge - not fit for purpose

I write this with a heavy heart. For years I have been a huge fan of Fitbit recommending them to friends and family (who went out and bought) but my love affair with Fitbit is now dwindling.

Over the years I have had numerous Fitbit trackers, I have owned a Fitbit One, Fitbit Ultra, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Charge HR and now a Fitbit Surge so I am not a newbie to the brand, anything from it.

In February I took the plunge (after so much humming and hawing) to buy the Fitbit Surge (the most expensive model). It was my birthday treat with birthday money and it took me weeks to decide that I could afford to buy one. So imagine my dismay when in May my new Fitbit's (watch one) strap started to bubble and come away from the watch face. I contacted Fitbit and very quickly I was sent a replacement out (watch 2). 

I turned watch 2 on and this one had screen problems. Again I contacted them about this and they sent out another Fitbit (watch 3) which worked well. Fast forward another few months and, you guessed it, I have more problems and this time it is the same as watch one, the strap is bubbling. 7 months and my third watch was problematic.

This time I contacted Fitbit once more with the hope of changing the watch to an alternative model, one that had straps I could replace rather than having to change the whole watch as it doesn't have a replaceable strap. I have the most expensive model and explained that I was happy to change model to a lesser value and not receive any refund for the difference. This apparently is not acceptable. They don't do "upgrades". OK, I took that with a huge pinch of salt because on a forum I am am member of, where I discussed my Fitbit problems, two members said they had their fitbits changed for a different model. 

They also had the cheek to say and I quote: "We also want to thank you for your interest in our Fitbit Charge 2, it’s a very stylish fitness tracker with a lot of features that you could enjoy, to read all about this tracker you can click on Charge 2." Well yes I am sure I would enjoy it if you would let me have a replacement of this istead of my more expensive and with more functions Fitbit Surge!!!!! No way would I be buying a new one when I only just bought a Surge 7 months ago that has had fault after fault. How dare they!

So as I was not getting to change to another model I also asked for a refund as the product is not fit for purpose. One watch needing replaced is fine, but to have two other products with problems I think shows it is not bad luck but bad design. Sadly they have ignored the Consumer Rights Law 2015 which states after having one replacement or repair you are entitled to a refund and said I can only have yet another replacement. I don't want a replacement as there is a problem with the design!

A quick search on Twitter proved I am not alone. A search of "Fitbit Surge Strap" pulled up numerous tweets from people complaining about problems with their watch straps. Sadly a number of the tweets are people stating that they have had multiple Surges with strap faults. So it is not an isolated issue at all.

How can such a big company sell products that are so faulty? And why are the continuing to sell a product that is continually having to be replaced because of the same faults?

I do not believe a refund, after having 3 faulty products, is an unreasonable request. It is my legal right but yet Fitbit seem to be ignoring that. This was not a £20 watch, it cost over £150! 

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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