Goodnight Everyone: A relaxing bedtime story

Goodnight Everyone - Chris Haughton

Sometimes a bedtime story that is nice and relaxing is what is needed and Goodnight Everyone is perfect for being just that.

The book helps relax little ones, helping them realise it is time to stop playing and go to sleep. The Illustrations are adorable, much like all of Chris Haughton's books, and the pinks and purples throughout the book are lovely and bright.

The book has some shorter pages, which add a different element to the book and M really enjoyed when we turned to that page.

The book follows little bear who doesn't want to go to sleep, despite all the other animals wanting to do just that. He wonders off to find someone to play with but they are all too tired. He eventually gets tired himself and starts to fall asleep.

A simple story, easy to follow and understand, which makes it perfect for a quick story for tired children.

My 2.5 year old loved it, making snoring noises and yawning away with the animals throughout the book.

Training Mummy

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