Travelling with kids essentials

When you are travelling finding useful items that make life easier and that you will use when you are away are essential, especially if you are limited on how much weight you can carry in your suitcase. These are five of the best things that we 

Top 5 holiday kit:

Totseat - This was the best thing ever. It meant F had somewhere safe and secure to eat when we were in our apartments, and also meant we never had to worry about whether a taverna would have a high chair or not. It was used constantly over the course of the two week holiday (and used as much when at home too) and we actually had a bit of a panic when we got home and thought we had not packed it! Luckily we had. See our review of it here it really is a wonderful bit of kit!

Phil & Teds Navigator V2 - We were very nearly taking a lightweight single pram with us but I can not believe how lucky we were to take this. We took the double kit as M is only 2.5 and we worried she might not be able to walk as far or as fast as we might have hoped for. Thank goodness we did as the beach was 1.25miles each way and we did that walk, there and back, twice a day. The heat caused both kids to be tired and it was comfortable for F to have naps in when we were out and about.

Lenny Lamb rainbow scc - I never had any plans to carry F when we got to Greece as it would have been too hot for both of us, and would have meant I could not go for a swim if he was sleeping on me etc, but getting through the airport and collecting luggage was made a breeze thanks to it. We dropped the pram off at the check in desk as I couldn't be bothered lugging a pram about the place and I am so glad we did. Being hands free made a huge difference as well.

Trunki - M wasn't quite sure how to use this when we went out but since we had an early flight and the airport was tiny it wasn't a huge problem but by the time we had gone home M had mastered and and LOVED being scooted through the airport. Great for a tired girl who would otherwise have wanted to be carried through the airport!

Swimfin - M loved swimming but, although close, has not mastered going it alone yet so the Swimfin was packed with the hope that she would like it and use it. She loved it. Freedom to swim where she wanted and to pop in and out of the pool supervised but alone.

As well as these items one of the best things we took, especially for the plane, was the simple paper and pen combo. Nothing keeps my toddler occupied more than a pen and bit of paper. Give her that and she is happy for hours but give her that on a plane and she will have complete strangers drawing for her hours! I took crayons and colouring pencils but to be honest a biro and paper was quite enough.

What do you have to pack when travelling with kids? Get in touch and let everyone know!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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