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Sometimes plans don't go just as well as hoped and this happened to us last week when we thought we were going to get to preview and review Disney on Ice in Glasgow. The show was on the Thursday so we booked a Travelodge on the Tuesday only to find out on Wednesday that my hubby had to go to hospital in Aberdeen on Thursday at 1.30pm!!! That's okay we thought. We hopefully will be there no longer than an hour and then can head straight down the road. Nope not so. 2.30pm and we were still waiting to be seen. 3pm. Waiting. 3.30pm we finally got taken through. Put of hospital at 4pm so there was no chance we were going to make show now. Out Sat Nav suggested we would be an hour late. Gutted.

At this point we were just going to go home but since we had booked a room we decided not to waste it and so off to Glasgow we went.

We decided to go to Glasgow Science Centre. We had been here before in April but both kids were under the weather and did not enjoy it as much as they could have. I am so glad we went as both M and F had a ball. We stayed for 3 hours, where most of that was spent in the under 7 zone in the Science Mall, although M did enjoy exploring the science centre and pressing lots of buttons.

At £11 an adult (under 3s free) it wouldn't be a cheapest day out you could have but in the 3 hours we were there we really only ticked the surface on what we could do. At 1 and 2 year's old the kids had so much fun playing and as they get older there will be so much more for them to do and explore.

Why not watch out first vBlog about it. Dipping our toes in this world! Not sure we are quite ready for this yet.

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  1. Aww it was such a shame you couldn't make it to Disney on Ice. It's nice to see that you all went through to Glasgow and enjoyed the science museum though. My son loved it when we went. My daughter was to small at the time but I'll have to go back soon as it's perfect for young kids.

  2. Thanks! Yeah it was a pity we missed the show. Gutted but we thought we my as well enjoy some time in Glasgow. It is such a great place to go. Love it.