You really must buy a wall mural!

For over a year we have been talking about decorating M's bedroom and so when we were offered the chance to review a wall mural from Graham & Brown I jumped at the chance - it was International Wallpaper Week after all!

Wallpaper Week is a celebration of all that is great and good in the world of wallpaper and all you need to do is look through the many wonderful wallpaper designs and wall murals to see just how exciting the world of wallpaper is.

As M is now old enough to tell us what she wants we got her involved with the decision on what wall mural to choose. 

After looking through the many fantastic children's wall murals that are available to buy on the Graham & Brown website M decided that she wanted the mural with all the animals on it (The Whole Wide World Wall Mural). I was so glad she chose this one as I would have chosen this one too!

Our plan, at the time, was to then paint the remaining walls in the bedroom and so I asked which colours M would like. She looked at the wall mural that she had chosen and said she wanted the blue whale colour, the orange that makes up Africa and a pink. So I looked through the paint selection online and chose Arabella, Orange Zest and Hidden Oasis.

Sadly, all great plans don't always run smoothly, and when we removed the woodchip wallpaper (which took us almost 2 weeks to do!!!!!) we found there was a reason why they had put up the woodchip in the first place and to be able to paint the walls we would have had to re-plaster them. So we went to plan B. This involved looking for a wallpaper that would hide the blemishes on the wall. We went out and looked at a few wallpaper shops and when M saw me looking at this Disco Pearl Wallpaper (which I had been considering for my bedroom) she said she wanted that! She wanted the glittery paper so we bought the glittery wallpaper.

Once home we had to decide what to do with the paint and M said she wanted one stripe of each colour on her wall. I wasn't sure how easy painting on the wallpaper would be, as it was textured, but it turns out it worked really well and meant she got the colours she wanted but just in a different way. It also turns out the colours match her curtains so well and the wall mural too!

Once she saw the orange on the wall she asked to have it on her door too, so at the very last minute, we did that and I have to say I love it. She made a great choice! The paint was still wet when I took this picture, and it does need a second coat as I am not a painter, but it just fits in so well with the decor of the room.

UPDATE: After a second coat of paint the door looks even more fantastic that it previously did! Love this colour so much.

I am not a decorator, just as much as I am not a painter, and I have only ever once wallpapered but that time I used paste the paper and not paste the wall like this wall mural. I was worried how that might be but it turns out that paste the wall is so much easier and faster that paste the paper.

I did find the first strip a bit harder to put up as I didn't realise I should cut the excess off the top before trying to get the paper to stick. After a few attempts and finding the paper kept falling off I cut off the top and found it went on like a dream after that.

Once on I was worried that the paper looked dirty but it was just the wetness of the wallpaper paste coming through the paper. The next day it had dried and the mural looked AMAZING.

Although M helped pick this I am not sure she realised what we were actually doing. She slept in F's room for a couple of weeks and when she went back in her room she, I kid you not, kissed the walls! I have never seen a child so excited about decor before. She kissed every animal that she could reach, screaming in glee about what she could see. Danced as she took in all the delights. A definite winner!

I now have no concerns about buying a wall mural again and we have already been looking for ones that we could use in our bedroom! I doubt I will ever just paint a room again, like I almost always have in the past. The finished look of wallpaper is really second to none, and it is so easy to do!

I was given the wall mural and paints in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are mine and mine alone.

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