The Kelpies

One thing that I have been meaning to do for a long time was to visit The Kelpies in Falkirk and so last month, when we were travelling home from Glasgow, we decided to take a detour and pop in past.

We had not planned our trip and so hadn't really looked to see what was available and the first mistake we made was parking in the first carpark we came across. This would have been fine had my husband not had a broken knee and needed crutches to get about - it's a long walk when you can't actually walk. Our mistake.

It was free parking when we visited (November) but I think there can be charges depending on what time of the year you visit.

The walk to The Kelpies was lovely (woodland and canal views) and M loved exploring her surroundings. I wish we had taken her balance bike as there were some great paths to go on.

We have seen pictures online or on the TV before showing The Kelpies but I don't think you can really appreciate it until you actually visit. They are so much bigger and spectacular than I could have imagined. Even M (2) was awestruck by them. F (1) I don't think really noticed.

You can walk right up to The Kelpies which I will admit I was nervous about as they are surrounded by water and there was no barriers stopping kids from going in the water. At one point M did slip and almost land in the water - not great when it was November and freezing temperatures.

You can book a tour of The Kelpies but we did not bother.

Once we had finished out visit here we went over the Adventure Zone which is geared towards children aged 2 years and older.

M was in her element here, climbing up the timber towers to get to the chutes (which I had to do whilst pregnant too). It has so many things in the park that we haven't seen before - musical paving, a moving floor/bridge - and M was in her element. By now F was grumpy as it was cold and he was tired so we didn't get to stay as long as we had hoped.

We are going to return in summer as there is an outdoor water park that we want to have a shot of and then we can really have a good long play in the park too.

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  1. They really do look like magnificient statues, it's great that you managed to visit them in person. M looks like she had so much fun running around that playground, I can see why you want to visit again in the summer. It's lovely that M was in awe of the statues too, I bet they brought her imagination to life!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. I love the Kelpies! These photos remind me of some lovely visits we've made. Definitely go back in the Summer, my pair loved the water play. #countrykids

  3. What what a stunning sculpture! I have never been to Scotland before even though I have been living in England since I was 10 yo! lol! Things I take for granted! The kids looks like they have a great time too. :) #CountryKids

  4. We visited here in summer 2015 (indeed, there was a parking charge as far as I remember). Like many others, I simply wasn't prepared for the sheer scale of these sculptures, nor for their aesthetic, pure beauty. The kids were astonished too, and still sometimes talk about "those huge horses". Thanks for bringing back travel memories! #CountryKids

  5. We've visited the Falkirk Wheel a couple of times but haven't been back to Falkirk since the Kelpies were built. They look huge! Definitely on my list of things I'd like to see when we're next in the area :-) #countrykids

  6. These are beautiful I had no idea they existed. I wish we lived closer! But they are going on the list if we ever make it up your way. Love your photos but I bet you could get some even more spectacular ones in the Summer. Sounds like they are well set up for tourists too! Stopping by from #countrykids x