A walk with a Kitvision Action camera

For a while I have had my eye on an action camera but when they cost £300+ for a well named one I have put it off. Then I saw a Kitvision Escape 4K camera in Tesco, half price to £49.99, I wondered if it would be worth having a punt and buying one. I did a quick google about it and all I saw were good reviews. A piece of kit that did so much for such a low price. I was still so unsure about it. How could a camera at this price really record anything of decent quality?

After a while of deciding I went out to buy one but found they were out of stock in all my "local" stores. Thankfully they were because I had forgotten I had Clubcard points to use and so I ordered online and used them.

Now I haven't been out snowboarding or biking with this but I have had the chance to see if I liked it and would use it and I very quickly realised that despite the price this is actually just what I needed. I do not want top quality footage, just clear and good quality, and that I have. I have never used a GoPro or seen footage from one but I certainly can't understand why it would be worth hundreds of pounds more than this.

For the £49.99 you get a camera with 4K recording capability and 12mp still imaged. I have recorded in the lesser 1080P 60fps quality as I do not have a 4K TV so don't need anything like that. It is also upscaled 4K 25fps or 2.7k 30fps.

It has built in wifi which I think it a bit pointless for me but may be useful for others.

The camera comes with a chest strap (which we used for M aged almost 3 over her snow suit), a remote control, travel case, 30m waterproof case, 2 x 3M adhesive mounts, 2 camera clips, 90 degree adaptor, bar mount, vented helmet straps, 2 x tripod adapters, tilt adapter and UBS cable. All for £49.99!!!!

I actually love it. I was going to save for a GoPro but won't bother now.

As great lovers of the park I decided to pop this onto M and see what a walk to the park was like from her point of view. 

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. That is an amazing bit of kit for the mummy, I'm tempted to buy it right now! Love the view from your little one, so funny to see her pushing the pram away like that, exactly like my 3 year old would too. :) x

    1. I would highly recommend it. I am loving it, had it on daughters bike today and just so small and handy to carry with you at all times.