Not one for resolutions

We have now started another New Year and I am not one for resolutions or saying that this year will be the best one yet.

That said I have so much to look forward to:
  • Hubby has got home from the hospital, and hopefully there will be no more operations for him. I honestly never want to visit another hospital again in my life! Yes we have to go back three times a week for a few weeks and then back every few weeks after that but it is a start.
  • We hope to go on a holiday to Lanzarote. Possibly as a family of 4 or maybe as our first holiday as a family of 5. Maybe both if we can fit it all in and afford it. 
  • We welcome baby number three into our family, sometime in June. Will it be a boy or a girl? I don't know but we will find out in around six months!
  • I will get back on track with blogging. Since hubby had his accident back in October, and has been in and out of hospital since then, I have struggled to put fingers to keyboard and have fallen way behind in blogging. 
As well as this we will see out eldest child starting nursery!!! How can she be almost three already? She will love going to nursery in April but I will miss her so much too. This time three years ago I was writing about how we had just turned 37 weeks on our very first pregnancy, and how excited we were about becoming parents for the first time. Looks like we must have enjoyed it as, fast forward three years, and we are looking forward to welcoming our third child.

Now I am writing this over a week into the New Year and already it is proving to be a good one. M has enjoyed getting out more, with hubby home I can get more one-to-one time with her, and has managed out on her big girl bike. She has used it a couple of times in the past and at two years six months she could go short distances by herself. Now, after 3 months off, she can go so well on it. Not completely there but then she isn't three until next month, but she can go long distances if on flat ground. So proud of her.

F is continuing to develop well. Has discovered two new teeth since the New Year and is saying more and more words. Many are said then forgotten but he is growing up so well (if not a bit grumpy at times). 

What will the next few months see for us?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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