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Teaching children about cooking from a young age is one of life's vital skills, and will stay with them as they grow up, so when I had the chance to review The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook by Annabel Woolmer I jumped at the chance - and I urge you go and buy yourself a copy right now!

The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook has 60 recipes that are suitable (with a little help as needed from adults) for children aged one to four. The recipes are set into three difficulty levels - Easy Peasy, Budding Cook and Confident Chef, so there is something for all abilities. 

If she doesn't want to go out on her bike then she wants to bake!

M (aged 2) has had an absolute blast with this book and now looks through it and chooses something that she wants to bake. If she doesn't want to go out on her bike then she wants to bake!

Did my toddler enjoy it?

One of her favourite things to make is the Chocolate Fork Biscuits (Easy Peasy). With this recipe she can do everything herself. I helped her with some of the measuring but other than that she did every single bit herself! 

Great as I had clean hands at the end of a baking activity instead of being covered in it! Getting her hands in and dirty was of course on of the best parts of this but she also loved making the dough into balls and then squishing them with her fork.

Another one that she loved was the Apple and blackberry crumble (Confident Chef).

This recipe is one of the harder ones in the book but M loved it. She loved getting her hands in and rubbing the butter and flour together to make the crumble. She managed most of this herself (except the peeling and cutting of the apples), and was just so excited waiting for the oven to cook it. 

How was the book to use?

Even if you are not an confident cook yourself you can still use this book! 

The book is very well set out, bright and colourful, and most importantly, very easy to read and use.

The recipes are simple and clearly state what parts an adult should do to prepare for the task (if necessary) and has simple instructions to make each recipe. There is no need to be a Masterchef to use this book with your tot.

There recipes for all occassions, from breakfast to tea and snacks to puddings.

There is a big section at the front which discusses the book, the benefits of cooking with tots as well as giving hints and tips on how to make it fun. The very best bit of advice from Annabel is to just let go! Let your child get dirty, to have fun, to do things themselves. I was shocked at how well M coped - and yes her one year old brother has also been keen to help too.

Go and grab yourself a copy of this book. Put on your pinny and get cooking.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for a review. I was not paid to write anything and all words and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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