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For ages I have been thinking about buying chalk markers as I love the idea of decorating the windows when it comes to special occasions - Christmas, birthdays etc - so when I was offered the chance to review some Chalkola Chalkboard Markers Premium wet wipe markers I instantly said yes.

We were sent a set of 10 party colours (6mm bullet tip) and packet of 8 earthy colours (5.5mm bullet tip).

Using the pens for the first time requires you to spend a few minutes pressing the tip up and down (after shaking) to get the ink flowing and then simply just write or draw your design.

The water based, non toxic pens can be used on non porous surfaces (such as chalkboard, windows, labels, jars, paper etc) and can be erased easily using a wet cloth or windex.

So they work well?

Yes, absolutely! I used for both writing and drawing and all resulted in some eye catching displays. The drawing would probably have been easier with thicker nibbed pens but at the same time we still loved the design.

The party colours are stunning and so bright. They just pop out. I love them as I love vivid colours and these did not disappoint.

The earthy colours are more subdued, in pastel shades which I was surprised to find that I loved too (I am more of a neon fan than a subdued fan). Indeed the earthy colours are more what you would expect from a chalk.

The reaction M gave when she opened the curtains on her birthday confirmed that they looked good!

What can you use them for?

There are endless possibilities for these. We use them for out meal planning blackboard. They are so much better than the chalks we used to use as they don't rub off as easy as chalk does.

Of course we use them for celebration displays on the windows and mirrors in the house!

Molly's market stall, that she got two years ago finally has a name on it (and stars and spirals at her request). We have tried to add it on with chalk before but like the meal planner it would just rub off within minutes.

As it is water based and non toxic it means that M (and F) can use it to draw on their chalk board easel. Finally it can be used.

For anyone who loves to draw they would make a great present. If you check out their reviews on Amazon (5 stars from 1036 reviews when I checked) I don't think you can go wrong.

How easy are they to clean off?

I dreaded this part of the process but found that a wet wipe to get the most of it off before taking a microfibre cloth to the remaining part means it came off so easily. I thought I would be spending ages cleaning the window, going back and forth between one wet wipe, drying the window, another wet wipe, drying, but it was actually a quick job.

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